31 people playing the Zelda theme tune on YouTube

I don't know who sent out the memo, but you can't move on YouTube for people playing the various Legend of Zelda themes (with the Mario Theme running a very close second) on every instrument ever invented. Here's a small selection - any more goodies/horrors gratefully received in the comments:
1. Pipe Organ
2. Accordion
3. DIY analog synth
4. Hand farts
5. Tuba
6. Euphonium
7. Xylophone
8. Vibrophone
9. Korg MS-2000
10. Clarinet
11. Some synth
12. Drum, synth and guitar (simultaneously)
13. Irritating distorted humming
14. Trombone
15. Flute
16. Ocarina
17. Nose Recorder
18. Guitar + Flute
19. Electric Guitar
20. Ukulele
21. Violin
22. String Quartet
23. String Quartet plus piano
24. Full orchestra
25. Choir
26. Theremin
27. 4 String Bass
28. 6 String Bass
29. 11 String Bass
30. Piano
31. Wii Orchestra (conducted by Koji Kondo, who composed the original music)
PS: If you're looking for the Zelda sheet music, it's here.

Hmm, was just having a conversation w/ someone trying to pinpoint when 8-bit soundtrack pieces became the ubiquitous, musical equivalent of "The quick brown fox...". As good as the Mario & Zelda themes are, it's safe to say the Internet has hit its saturation point with endless lonelygirl15's uploading their take. Please, please, no more.

That said, if someone wants to try syncing/mashing up these 31 Zelda versions, certainly go for it.
I was hoping for some Zelda on a kalimba but found none.
I'm 37 years old and have never played Zelda. Not ever. Mario Bros.? Hundreds of times. I fully realize this makes me an alien.
...this is the musical equivalent of the abomination 'jackass.' Moronic. This does not deserve to be written about on Music thing, if you ask me. Although I am aware that no one did.
just to add to the idiocy, here is a live recording from 2002 or so when we used to rock the zelda.

- 13
yo, what's with all the hatorade? the music for zelda is some of the most beautiful music ever composed. play some gameboy and get your head out of your ass.
No melodica? I must be leaving now. I have a mission.
13rian! great version. The best zelda theme cover ever.
what's the name of your band? i have to tag it so it appears on last.fm :D
This one came out pretty good toohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZpD0btOZx8
thanks for speaking nice about the zelda cover. that band was known as Gala Jive Jut (memorial myspace) and that's one reason why we never went anywhere, it was hard to say, to spell, to rememer, etc.... Bad band name. But we did a bunch of these awesome novelty covers, including a danny elfman suite of BeatleJuice/Simpsons/PeeWees Big Adventure.

i am now the overclock orchestra, other members of that band are the MM4 and they do a pretty sick Megaman these days.
Any OoT fans remember Saria's Song? What a tune, I found a cover on myspace, www.myspace.com/notworththemoney
Yea i heard that cover! It's awsome! that link doesn't work anymore, now its www.myspace.com/nwtm
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The piano video was removed due to rules violation or something. The best mario and zelda piano medley ever put on internet though is definitely the one from koopakool on youtube!!! This guy is out of his mind
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