New invention: Tweak your knobs with your feet

The Third Hand, by Tone in Progress is a rocker foot pedal attached to a extension tube which connects directly, physically, to a knob on another effect pedal. So any control can be tweaked with the pedal. It's a tiny, delightful bit of mechanical genius for £95. I don't know if you can get longer cables, which could snake up to a modular synth like some kind of steam-powered high-tech pedal steel. I discovered the 3rd Hand on the site of Jam Guitars, a fantastically boutique guitar shop in my home town of Bristol (yes, England).
UPDATE: Looks like it was inspired by the Electro Harmonix Hot Foot, which does pretty much the same thing.

How does this help me deactivate lasers with my dick?
While not a new invention, it's a useful one. Electro Harmonix made something very similar called the Hot Foot back in the day. This looks like a clone of that.
Unfortunately, they're unreliable and break very easily. The mechanics are absurdly simple, and not particularly well-implemented.
$200 seems like a lot for something you could build with a LEGO technics kit.
I've always wanted a foot pedal device (possibly using MIDI?) that could control resonance or cutoff on some of my synths that don't have assignable functionality like this.... Is there something like this out there yet?
Oh, I was just googling "deactivate lasers with my dick" and found this.
I wouldn't suggest anyone to try to deactivate lasers with their dicks using this device. However you can twist your nuts or your nipples in an easy way.
sweet, now I need a pedal to control my pedal...
I was gonna say, that seems pretty fucking expensive for something so simple, and easily self-buildable. I guess that might be why you posted it...

Didn't realise you were a Bristolian either... will you be at Ashton Court this year?
what if you need to adjust more than one knob? Anyways, this is a cool thing none the less. I think i will link to it. thanks for the post!
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