Mada Guitars are moulded from pure hemp

Mada Guitars are a semi-acoustics, built in Austria from hemp pulp by Neubauer Guitars. The whole body is moulded from hemp, so it has no internal bracing or support or plastic binders. Confusingly, the 'HempStone' it's made from was developed in Austria but commercialised in Australia. Like most people, my reaction to anything made from hemp is to run away from the hippies and look for something made from radioactive panda leather, but these look great - I like the soundhole/handle in the top. Pickups are custom made in Germany by Haeussel. They go on sale in June for €2950. For which price, incidentally, you could buy about 2.5kg of cheap cannabis...

For a €2950, I can about 20kg of great cannabis, wrapped in a radioactive panda leather bag. One of the benefits of being South African.
who did you say made radioactive panda leather guitars?
Do you have to pay your guitar tech to hide some wood in the body cavity?
LOL.. radioactive panda leather. That made my day. Thanks man.
So... guitar body made of hemp you say, guess that means to hear it's rich amplified tones you plug it into a hamp
If they come out with a bass I will buy it...
so check it out... you know, like, this soundhole/handle thing??? you put yer weed in there man...
hi! thanks for your comments - we´re working on that bass!
right now on the way to NY - ICFF Fair/Hall D "pure austrian design" featuring MADA!
would be happy to see you there!

Adam from MADA
Adam, cool to see you can take the chuckleheads in stride. The Guitars look great, and after having my share of chances to play molded semi-hollows, I can only imagine the tone is excellent. Ceartainly sounds clean and bright in the demos.

I look forward to running into a player with one of these one day. Best of luck.
Hey guys,

sometimes if you try out this guitar
qualitys,please dont break up a piece to check smoking qualitys-
it doesnt pay for because smoking
isnt good for your health.
Hallo Anonymus,

you are right because Hempstone is made of the twiggs and not of the blooms.

Andreas Neubauer of Neubauer Guitars
Every smoker knows that hemp is a superior alternative to anything that could compete with it, that's why it's illegal (cotton industry corruption.. look it up)

Every Rasta knows God put it here for us to use. Jah.
you mean its ecologically sound and easily renewable resource? NOOOO! get thyself away, hippie!! burn the witch!!

go gorge yourself on some Big Macs, Tom.. theres so much more you can do for the dark side - but you'll need your pre-processed strength
sadly, the firmly entrenched u.s. industry of tobacco-molded guitars find a way to keep these out of the u.s.

3kEuro?! cool, but it better sound nice. For that you could irradiate your own panda.
...say made radioactive panda leather guitars?
Hi everybody,
we had areal nice productlaunch party where karl ritter: played the new madas.yesterday (June.15th) we started to take orders for the mada guitars.

just to make some things clear. we offer the guitar in the EU for 2850€ (inkl. 20% sales tax) and for export € 2.375,- (without sales tax).
you cant't smoke it. And if you do itdoesn't do any effect.

We have some quality soundsamples online. Just check out our site

all the best adam from mada
We really need to stop perpetuating the idea that hemp is the same thing as marijuana. Though it is a cousin, it is NOT the same plant or even part of the same plant. This myth exists as a result of a political interest group who had business interests in the 1930s that competed with products made of hemp. DuPont, Hearst and Mellon used Hearsts newspapers, published throughout the U.S., to spread this untruth and to propagandize against hemp, a useful earth-friendly crop. It is legal to grow in all industrial nations except the U.S. and we're working on that. Please study up and help educate others. Thanks!
Yes, that's right hemp is totally different than Marijuana. You can't smoke industrial hemp it's a totally different plant - you could say it's anti-marijuana. Oh, you can smoke it you just don't get high, you may come down with a headache.
This hemp guitar is really impressive,I like the design. What would it cost to order one from Canada? This is what the world needs at this time, more people wisely utilizing hemp to produce goods. Good work guys!
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