Tiny, blobby, red guitar iPod

This is apparently the upcoming Line6 Pocket Pod - a little tiny PodXT for headphone practice (and perhaps gigs?). Price seems to be $129, which compares well with the Korg PX4D at $169. Has a limited number of knobs, but you can deep edit the sounds over USB.

I would be all over this it they used a NORMAL BOX SHAPE. Stupid bean
I think you had a brainfart when you wrote the title of this article.
The guitar player in one of my bands has a Pod XT Live (i.e., the "stompbox" floor model of this with expression pedal, etc) that has a street price of ~$400, and he's jealous of my Behringer Bass V-AMP Pro with a street price of ~$170. Bonus: My equipment is rack mounted away from the hooligans at the front of the stage!
it appears the info has been taken down. Conspiracy? Takes some of the thunder off their new terrible floor pod?
Wow.... that's going to be so good. Love the Pod stuff, and this one will be great for carrying around to gigs
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