Neodymium pickups look awesome, expensive

Dutch company Q Tuner make these freaky-looking pickups from perspex, wire and super-strong neodymium magnets. They sell from $125 for a single coil pickup, to $290 for a pair of humbuckers, with a four week wait. Be sure to check out the gallery (they also come with white and black covers, if you don't like the stripy perspex). There's also is a shot of a humbucker covered in ferrofluid, so you can see the magnetic fields.

That is a pretty sweet looking winding. What ya' reckon'? 0.08mm wire? Maybe smaller? THat is a difficult shape to wind so accurately.
Definitely great looking pickups. Question is... do they sound better than EMG-81's or EMG-85's hooked up to an active eq system? at $290 a humbucker, the world may never know.
No, feuervogel! Dave Mustaine will play them and so will Manowar!!!!!!!!! we will hear the metalness of it very very soon and be crushed by the mettle of the metalness
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^^^^friggin funny^^^^
They're the best pickups ever made: I am a fan.
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