Herbie, Quincy, a Fairlight and a nice glass of wine

Aaah, supreme geeks at play...


Though not forgetting this -
- "Herbie Hancock Demonstrates the Fairlight on Sesame Street"... now that's a real education!

get over it

Hancock did.
really f'n cool
I like all the comments at youtube about Pharell... Nice to see people are finally noticing the bite...
you don't have to defend Quincy jones, man. i bet if they wanted to,
Quincy + *anything* = the next Thriller

Boris Karloff Rapping and everything :)
Another great Fairlight video is Peter Gabriel, in a junkyard, smashing TVs and blowing sucking ion tailpipes for samples, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON8lVgJxMQA 8)

Some of these early Fairlight users got so creative with their sounds, such as Gabriel, Hancock, Mike Oldfield, Kate Bush... their music still holds up today, when it should all be so much easier...
Man, I get the impression they're just hanging out and doing this for fun, but that's still some of the best stuff I've heard all week...
a joy to watch. also gotta love the uber-square interviewer asking about "african blood'
Good gravy! f++kin ace man. This has made my night. God bless youtube.
love their glasses :)
what synth is herbie (?) playing?
Wow... the fairlight. I don't remember seeing one in a video (well not in use). It seems like it can still beat today's workstations.

The synth in the video seems like a Rhodes Chroma.
great until the racism comes out
"The funk will prevail."

Nice clip. That Fairlight was a real beast. I like the talk about controlling technology as a tool for making music (near end of clip). I think Herbie could make a bontempi sound good though!Its always inspiring to catch a close up of a great musician jamming.
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