Dude plays with broken mixer for three minutes

Can't really argue with this, can you? And who wouldn't want an English-made 'Top Gear' mixer...
UPDATE: The aforementioned Dude (Dan) will be appearing a the Sonic Picnic in Plymouth (England) on 22-25th June.

Sounds like Pan sonic. Nice one. :-D
Nice. I love it!
not very good
Assuming he's British, can we change the post title to "Gentleman plays with broken mixer for three minutes?"

Haven't you all heard of Toshimaru Nakamura...he's been playing the "no-input mixing board" for years (with many releases as well)...Great stuff !!!
I've done this with a Behringer mixer. Hmm...this leads me to wonder if all Behringer products could be categorized as "circuit bent."
lovely idea, playing with a reverb mixer to create atmospheres. sounds like those crazy scenes in "silent hill" the movie...

good show old chap!
Is it really broken? I think he's just got it feeding back ...
I don't get it.
we used to do this with a teac 4 track and a ratshack reverb. fun stuff!
It's blatently never going to get me any hot girls being into this but there is genuine beauty in the simplicity and body of the textures. Could listen to that for a while.
Awesome!!! Beautiful textures ...
anonymous said
"Haven't you all heard of Toshimaru Nakamura..."

I think he means Nobukazu Takemura.
A really amazing artist. I love his work.
err, no i think he means Toshimaru Nakamura,

A Stanton DJ mixer was returned to the shop I worked in. The mixer was faulty it acted like a synth. There was a tunable tone coming out of the thing. It was actually pretty cool. You could tune it with the EQ knobs and cut it on/off with the crossfader. Played with it for about a day before we had to send it off to repair.
Not broken, just feedback.
Great! reminds me of the work of AD.

David Myers fronted a one man industrial band called arcane device back in the 80s. He used reboxed mixers and analouge effects units looped up and would create what he called feedback music.
check it out

"Assuming he's British, can we change the post title to 'Gentleman plays with broken mixer for three minutes?'


Assuming he's British, what about changing it to "Bloke plays with..." or "Chap plays with..." or "Total biter plays with..." (I'm joking with the last one).
it's pony. And I like dull ambient noise.
I don't understand this.
"Gentleman plays with a broken mixing device for three minutes of your english hour."
Dudes play. Gentlemen perform.
Dude plays with broken blog.

One post a week?
Why bother?
"Dude plays with broken blog.

One post a week?
Why bother?"

Because sometimes Tom gets some really juicy stuff that nobody else has. I don't mind checkin in to see if there's anything going on.
yeah, just to continue with the "no-input" theme


Toshimaru Nakamura & Sachiko M

The last "juicy stuff" Tom got kept him from sitting down for a week. This blog is a total wreck. It was once great, now humiliatingly bad.

Very, very infrequent updates with truly pathetic content: Who could ask for less?
Jeez.. take a chill pill. I mean he's only doing it for shits and gigles. It's not like your life depends on it.
I'm pointing out how far this blog has fallen, what a worthless waste of time it is. I think I made that very clear.

What do your orders have to do with that? If I "take a chill pill" will that make the blog better? No. I'm just pointing out something very obvious. My attitude is not the problem. This blog is the problem. Crap is crap, it doesn't matter if you call it "poo-poo" or "number two" or anything else.

If the only acceptable criticism is against things which actually threaten OUR LIVES, then all we can do is sing praises for the internet. There's almost nothing online which threatens anyone's life.

The truth is that this website used to be great, and now it totally sucks. I have every right and reason to point that out. Your comments are totally irrelevant to the obvious collapse of Music Thing.
Mr Anonymous.

If you think this blog is a worthless waste, please don't read it. Delete the bookmark. Unsubscribe from the RSS.

It's not going to chase you anywhere.

If you still want to come on my blog and slag me off, at least put your name to your posts. Better still, email me: tom@musicthing.co.uk and let me know directly...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yeah, this is stupid.

Create Digital Music has some "Dude" using a wiimote, kyma, and $$$ gear to make a lightsabre thingy.

Then there's the "circuit benders", as if that wasn't tired 5 years ago.

Then there's the rampant Lemur lust on most of these blogs.

Its all getting too nerdy for me.
... but Tom is still cool.
To the whiner: What a silly rant. The reason blogs are better than forums is generally you don't have to deal with this kind of whining crap. Honestly, what a futile thing to rant about... it makes you look pompous and devoid of a life. The web is a big place, if you don't like something, just move on... is it really worth getting so negative over? You should feel really small and stupid. Personally I'm not a huge fan of circuit bending and making music with game consoles etc, but there's plenty of other things to devote time to (like making music instead of sitting on your arse on the web).
...to Tom - I love your blog, I guess lately you're busy as your posts are few and far between, and when they do come sadly they're rather bland. I'm understand that this gig pays nothing and you have real work to do, so please just get some other geeks to pitch in when you're busy. Please!!!! Because Music Thing is a welcome distraction from my dreary life. Do it for the kids!
That's a great plan, Tom. Turn one of the premier music blogs into an abandoned rubbish heap, then tell anyone who notices to delete your URL.

Speaking only for myself, I'm happy to follow your advice. Buh-bye!
Hey Tom, don't let the haters get you down, this is a great post, and this is still one of the best music tech blogs on the web (:
I'm into this blog
To the anonymous whiner: If you don't like it, you can always ask for your money back.
shameless plug:
i have an EP produced almost solely with this method - released on a netlabel linky
I'm British. I consider myself a "dude". Although it is for others to decide whether I am or not.
"Can't really argue with this, can you?"
I'd rather see 1 decent post a week than 20 miscellaneous pointless crap ad-fodder ones like matrixsynth...
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