The most awesome synth demo you will ever see

I've mentioned the Technos Axcel in the past (super rare '80s super synth with amazing display/interface), but here is one in action, wonderfully demonstrated by a rather familiar-looking man who appears to have learned English phonetically for the purpose of this demo. Be sure not to miss Part 2 for the 'drawing waveforms with your finger' money shot.

Brilliant. It seems that he installed some sort of Axcel resynthesis implant in his own head, because that's by far and away one of the strangest accents I've heard outside AT&T's speech synthesis labs.
Holy shit, Batman!
wow! the technos axcel i much bigger then i thought!
...he's creepy.
one of these 39 babies for sale on search for "technos"

it's 39 900 SEK

..that's just a little more than two Lemur controllers. As unique as it is (I sort of played around on it) it's probably worth it.
Well his accent seems to be because he's from the province of quebec in canada, if what's on wikipedia about the axcel is right.

The province of quebec has a high percentage of french speaking people. Quebec's french language is a different accent than say, from France. A bit like UK and USA accents.

The machine seems amazingly powerful. Someone's got to bring back something like this in the vsynth gt or something.
The machine seems amazingly powerful. Someone's got to bring back something like this in the vsynth gt or something.

Like this?
The Cameleon 5000 looks interesting but i was more thinking of a touch screen interface on a hardware synth.

Looks it trying out the demo could be fun!
Since this is the most awesome synth demo I'll ever see, I guess there's no reason to look at any other synth demos ever again.
Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention now. Think of all the time I'll save in the future!
Glad to be of service...
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Brilliant, especially for it's time, but you can't set out to make a classic synth and hope to succeed. These things tend to happen by chance, for instance will anyone ever really surpase the more 'simplistic' and yet classic sounds produced by the moog or TB303?
"Most awesome synth demo you'll ever see?"

Not really.

You're slipping Tom. Please quit that real job of yours and spend all day scouring youtube and such to bring us free videos and geeky stuff. I liked it better when you used to do that. I'd do it myself but I'm only awake four hours a day. Anyway your landlord will understand.
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Forget all of this. You should be reporting on the awesome Zachary Allen. He is the future of music. All will change when he becomes famous.

Hail Zachary!
this dude looks like Dr. Caligari's butthole...
I've always admired the interface on this machine, just superb and intuitive.

I know a man who owns one of these beasts, he loves it, he wouldn't ever part with it either :-)

What you don't see is the rack that produces the sound, its about 12U high and pretty deep (~800mm IIRC)
I forgot the website but somewhere on the net there's pictures of the boards inside this machine, the boards inside the rack unit that's big.

Anyone has the url to this site ?
I finally found the url :

The photo tour of the solitary lets you peek at the insides.
I forgot the website but somewhere on the net there's a music tech blog that gets updated more than once every 2 weeks.

Anyone has the url to this site ?

Wow, that dude is seriously creepy.
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