Trinity portable studio looks pretty hot wrapped in plexiglass

I was never blown away by the Trinity DAW - a weird looking $1,000 self-contained Linux-powered portable recording studio - when it was announced last August. But I have to admit, this picture of it in action at the Linux Audio Conference yesterday is pretty nice...

isn't that audacity it's running in the shot?
yeah, that's Audacity. A cool little program but I've never really done anything serious in it.
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If the trinity could run the Muse Receptor system software, it would be about 1000x cooler.
I would have liked to have heard the wave field synthesis stuff at the conference.

Positioning and moving sounds in space by wavefront interference must be amazing.

I downloaded the 'wonder' program, but don't have enough speakers to set up a proper system.
i cant say i really get the point of a thousand dollar little linux portastudio thing. the fact i dont understand why youd be recording in linux aside, really how great of an audio interface can it really have, and how easy can it really be to use? for a thousand dollars you can't expect anything spectacular, so it almost seems like one should spend their thousand dollars on a sweet interface, or, i dunno, a laptop?
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