Synth Boy is scaring me now

Not a lot to add to Synth Boy, which seems to be an alarming '80s cable access clip. If you're out there, Synth Boy, do get in touch...
UPDATE: It's actually Dan Deacon. This version of the same clip is much clearer. Dan's MySpace page has all the music and links and tour dates and stuff...

that shit is prety tight

dude would be gettin mad pussy in NY
That there is Dan Deacon performing his awesome song Ohio on the Television.
I saw Dan live last year, and man this guy knows how to work a crowd. Easily one of the funnest shows I've ever been too (except for the fact that I lost my favorite hat) After The show I stuck around and drank beer with him, he's a fascinating individual.
His pants are unzipped..
The bastard son of Timmy Mallet perchance?
"dude would be gettin mad pussy in NY"

This isn't meant to sound facetious (but probably will), but what does that comment mean?

Are you suggesting that if the man in the video performed in New York he would be extremely popular with any girls attending the gig?

If so, what prompted you to make such a comment? Is this the highest exultation you know of?
highest exultation? what prompted you to make such a comment?
dan deacon will prob put on the best live show you'll ever see. he's on tour with a bunch of other awesome baltimore bands right now, check it out ...
I agree with the the pussy comment, dont explain yourself... just like alot of things NYC if your not here you just wont get it. I thought it was hilarious.
If your not from new york, you should probably just move here and pretend that you are, like everyone else.
Speaking of guys with "Synth" in their names...

Anybody here know if Harrisburg PA's Billy Synth (ex. Turnups, Punk Rock Janitors, Windowpaynes) is still alive? And where?

He wasn't much of a technician as a player, but Jeebus! was he wild in live performances. His "Cracked Records" imprint also issued some pretty cool compilations (on vinyl) of 1960s-70's obscure garage bands.
Just went to DD's myspace page:

(Which is something in itself, as I almost never go to myspace.)

Fun fun stuff. *Foghorn Leghorn voice* I say the Boy puts the Dee in Dmentia.

Esp. The Crystal Cat tune, Big Big vid.

The entire Ohio performance is there too, a live morning TV thing aired in Savannah GA.

Praise be to MT.
Dan works really hard. Check out his page on Standard Oil. There are a bunch of other bands that he's played with... and Nuclear Power Pants!
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