Strangest music scores ever

The always amusing Dark Roasted Blend have a nice collection of bonkers music scores - above, 'String Quartet No. 556(b)for Strings In A Minor (Motoring Accident)'. More experimental scores here.

even though it's not as crazy as any of these and not very ridiculous, the idea for this one is great: Rzewski: Les Moutons de Panurge. Here's an mp3 of it too.
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It's a perfect S&M Relationship:

The composer gets all their frustrations first out on the orchestra, which surely must either a) enjoy this suffering, b) be hungry enough to do anything. The orchestra is 'Active' suffering.

Then the audience engages in Passive suffering. The few that get up and leave won't be against the wall when my revolution comes. All the ones that stay and suffer will then go home and do one of these things:

1) Pretend it was 'so great' and that they are some how more important, participating in this 'emperor has no clothes' 'high-art'.

2) Tell the awful truth of how they now can't afford the psychological treatment they need.

3) Shoot up their highschool 'Amerikan Style' and blame it not on MARILYN MANSON but rather on Fractal-Madala Melodies.

Then, finally, there's those, like me, who are still listening to the MP3 file linked above and watching their foot wiggle to the .. um... 'beat'.
Why the hell do people bash this site so much? I don't see what there is to complain about...

Musicthing is great. Random music stuff for the masses \o/
What are you talking about??

Hell was a riot...
Are people yelling at me?

I can't tell.

I'm all about the love people.
How come he doesn't mention the Tom Johnson when speaking of strange music scores??

Here are some samples of "Imaginary Music":

I actually like those that much, but he also published scores that look like different sinusoidal functions, which are really great.

Unfortunately I can't recall the names of those pieces.
Somebody help me please.
Why don't you ever update anymore? It's been over a month. I not trying to get on your case, I'm just wondering if you've used up the internet or something.
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