It's a Roland Space Echo in a pedal (Plus more from Messe)

So, yes, Messe is all over. Last year I was there, this year I was so busy and so generally uninspired with what I saw, that I'm only posting now. This is the Roland RE-20 Space Echo Pedal. I love the look (reminiscent of the Fender vs Boss mashups from Namm), although it's a shame they couldn't squeeze a VU meter in there (unlike this monster which my friend Neil just bought). Somehow, if Roland wants to pillage their past, this feels like the right way to do it. (UPDATE: They're now on sale)
Otherwise at Messe:
The Nord Wave - a new, likely-to-be-expensive keyboard synth, which - unlike any other Clavia product - uses samples.
John Bowen's Solaris: OK, it's going to be a big, mindbogglingly expensive hardware digital synth. Sure, it's pretty looking, but I'll be amazed if this ever makes it into shops.
Tiefenrausch: Seriously knobby and tiny synth module - there's a good shot here.
Did you see anything cool? Am I just jaded? Let me know...

Hell yes. I'd buy one of these just so I wouldn't have to pack my RE-201 around on tour. Plus, the tap tempo is hot!! And a longer delay time? Nice!!!!
Any idea on the pricepoint? I've spent over $400 on Spacecho repairs this year alone. I'm crossing my fingers on this one....
Doesn't the Nord Electro/Stage use samples?

Very much looking forward to the wave. But I don't think I'll be able to afford one until prices drop.
Looks like it can only be used as an insert effect, no wet output or mix knob.. they could "emulate" this as well.
Nothing say's deal breaker quite like COSM...
I've been really mindboggled by the flame speech synth present on the superbooth. It uses two speakjet chip and is really 80 nerdy sounding.very sweet.

Otherwise, all usual bunch of crap from the majors. The KP mini is cute and would be a nice expressive effect block to stuff on the outs of synths. But it's not this time I'm going to ditch my GP2x and switch to something else to do my bleeps.
I've said it elsewhere, but I think someone should make a decal to turn cosm to cosmic.

Boss' effects jargon reminds me of pre-mid 60s car ads (see Tom Frank's "conquest of cool" book on car advertising): useless jargon.
I hope it sounds great. Will be interesting to see a comparison with it vs the real thing vs the UAD-1 version.
Pedal sounds great and is pretty fun to play about with (just like the original).

I thought the messe was a bit flat as well. Really liked the Mini KP though.
"MODE SELECTOR knob with 12 placements just likes the original Space Echo"

so, the artificial brain inside doesn't even like cosm.
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