Gnarly new filter & pitch shift pedals from DBA

Pictured are two new offerings from Death By Audio, who make beatiful, hardcore boutique pedals. The Evil Filter is a... multimode modular synth style filter. Even cooler is Robot, which "uses the same pitch-shifting chip as those children's toys that emulate Godzilla and Robots etc. We mix that with some wicked distortion and get the insane sound of the Robot. It has a light sensor, vibrato. It's very cool and Lo-Fi sounding synth effects" Prices will be high - their other pedals range from $150-$320. They'll be available from Analog Haven soon.

Drool, just drool...
Bring it on.
Interesting coincidence. I tracked down a toy I had when I was 12. I got it from a very generous guy from Germany:,idproduit,90220,mao,ohio_art_dynamike_micro_magique.html
It has a line out! And if I was to remove the mic with a line in, it would be very cool as an effects pedal, but the recordings I've done with just vocals have been awesome!
That Ohio Art Mic thingy. I was playing with it last night: I stick it in my Tenor saxophone and it sounds wonderful! Sometimes like horn doubling, other times like wildfire!
That's very cool!
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