Building a Kaoss Pad into a guitar the cheap & dirty way

Inspired by Phil's efforts, Adam wanted to build a Kaoss Pad into a guitar. He already had a cheap old Les Paul copy and a KP1, but otherwise, he had a few restrictions:
1) I'm 19. Lack any previous experience of either guitar modifications or electronics.
2) I'm on a budget. A real budget £15. I'm sure many people share this position.
3) I don't really have any specialist equiptment, all soldering stuff and extras (except the KP and my guitar) came off eBay for about £15 in total, including stuff for the LED's.

He's blogging the process as he goes along: "I couldn't find a chisel so I hacked my softbody Tanglewood Starfire LP Copy with a flatbladed screwdriver and a now blistered hand. IT CAN BE DONE!" If only he'd asked, I'd have lent him the Music Thing Router... (Thanks Phil)

This is the very cool kind of project that should be a gas...

I'm not sure I could have done it with a screwdriver, but it looks great considering!
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