Sorry about the lack of new posts

Sorry there haven't been any new posts this week. I'm very busy with my other site. Normal service will be resumed soon-ish. (If you need a login for that Guardian link, try here)

It wasn't so bad when I just used to visit the site from time to time but since I get musicthing as a RSS feed now I check every time I go online and you really notice when it's not been updated.
Migrating 400,000 pages.. Tom, weren't you having trouble with upgrading Blogger? ;)
No worries Tom - I've been using the time to go through some of the amazing stuff in the MT archive. Best of luck getting the TimesOnline stuff back on its feet, let's hope your user numbers are decimated in the near future. Hang on, that didn't come out right.

I've been visiting this site faithfully for two years, and it's gotten steadily worse for the past year. This isn't a recent problem. If you look at the frequency of articles a year ago, and compare it to six months ago - you'll be saddened.

So if you're done with this site, say so. I can replace your bookmark with a site that's still alive. If you're not done, get to work. There may be a Schroedinger's Cat, but there's no Schroedinger's Web Page.
I don't know if this means Tom has a life or if Matrix doesn't.
Has anyone got the name of a song sang by a girl, about monsters. And in the music video is holding a heart? If you do the please post the name of it.
Cage by Dir En Grey, but no chick singer
The lack of new posts is gay.
I've looked at every archived piece and I hope there is some wonderful treats in store for your next posts. I'm looking forward to the new stuff....
This is still a really good blog, it just went from incredibly amazing to really great, so it's obviously a bit dissapointing. Tom, will you ever top the tiny music week or was that the golden age of MT? In any case, thanks for your dedication, past and present.
Does that mean your winding it up or just going on a go-slow.
A go-slow I could handle but a winding up... I'd miss MusicThing.

Good luck with the TimeOnline hope it works out.
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