Lots of synths at Swedish Eurovision semifinals

Erik writes: "I just wanted to give you a tip to The Attic - two Swedes who drag a whole bunch of synths to the stage even when it is Eurovision kind of music. Have a peek at this youtube clip, or download a hi-res torrent here." Thanks Eric. Getting an email with the subject line 'Lots of synths at Swedish Eurovision semifinals' is why I do Music Thing... (Synth IDs in the comments, obviously)

Well, on the left-hand side we seem to have a MiniMoog and a Prophet 5? (Or maybe that's a MemoryMoog?)

Can't get a clear look at the guy on the right though. Something Korg up top and could be anything underneath..

The whole thing reminds me somewhat of Sailor and their weird conjoined piano affair.
I kept waiting for her to sing "All your base are belong to us".

From the sound of it all that gear was unplugged in the studio as well.

OK maybe the bassline was from the moog but these clowns are only generating any passing interest here purely on their selection of rented stage props.

This looks like it was done 10 years ago. Its as tired and played out as using a giant rotating CD as a stage prop.

Boler-hatted Swedish-meatballs!
We need Lordi, with Logan Vocal Synths and EMS Synthi 100's. Then the lords of Synth shall be appeased
I would love to get ahold of those wireless cables they are using!!
haha, they tried to clone kylie minogue...

and I'll take those synths over her anythime ;)
i read this as two swedes in drag with a whole bunch of synths, and thought to myself is this what passes for drag these days? lame-o suits and bowler hats - what a couple of twats i grumbled.
already i'm looking forward to terry wogans increasingly drunk and borderline europhobic commentary.
I want wireless analog synths, too. :)
i would bet $100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
those guys aren't doing anything.
great synths!!

songs from heaven
This was a boring tune, even though im borned in sweden and live here i have never heard of this song. It seems that they play the synths they have on stage just as much as Paul Schaffer plays his Minimoog voyager on the David Letterman-show!
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