Laser-powered pocket keyboard (not all good...)

Geoffery writes to let me know that I've totally missed DID's laser keyboard - the keyboard version of those not-entirely-useful laser-powered qwerty keyboards. It's possible that the sound on this ace Japanese TV report is out of sync, but it seems OK when people are speaking, which can only mean one thing... Meanwhile, Pink Tentacle reports that they're planning a weighted 88-key version. OK, then!

wow...does this thing suck.
When are they coming out with the 4x4 MPC style drum pads?
It seems laggy as hell, but it's not a bad concept.
What if they took the same concept and did a controller for Traktor or Ableton without the latency issues?

Oooh, I think I've just cum there...
Vid's in sync when they're speaking so there is a fair lag. About US$140...hmmmm, don't think so but interesting to see where it goes.
I want a laser estiban guitar!
Good idea, obviously this specific application of the technology is crap, but this really opens some interesting doors, and hopefully some manufacturers will look into using it for something more than a japanese kid's toy...
Whis is what our children will be circuitbending in the future :)
I haven't heard such horrible latency since I tried to run Cubase on my 650Mhz Celeron laptop.
What a wonderful idea for controlling you DAW!!!! especially if you could customise the controls instead of it displaying the same image.
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