CSIRAC: The First Computer Music

No, this isnt the control panel for some WWII era drum machine, but it's not that far off. CSIRAC was Australias first digital computer and possibly the first computer used to play music. Although its output was pretty crude, even by the standards of 1950's electronic music, it was a good few years ahead of its time. This is a pdf link to an much more in-depth article from the Spring 2004 issue of the Computer Music Journal.

I like the "Drum Writing Power" section.
Aussie, aussie, aussie!
Heh, not usually into the yobbo oi thing either, but I'm in the States at the moment and was feeling home sick :)

On Aus: though there's still alot of cool stuff being done (like Frostwave's Modular Analog Effects, Robin Whittle's DevilFish TB-303 mods, and even Lake Technology, it's not like back in the day:

* The first polyphonic digital sampling synthesiser was the Australian-produced Fairlight CMI which was first available in 1979.

* According to Switched On
(Electronic music instrument prototypes of the 20th century):

In 1967 the Australian composer Don Banks was living and working in London. He approached three friends and colleagues who had been building their own electronic instruments, for advice on electronic music. Don was aware of modular systems such as the Moog and wished to begin experimenting with electronic music, but access to and affordability of these types of modular systems was prohibitive. Peter Zinovieff, David Cockerell, Tristram Cary and Don Banks continued this meeting at the pub where it was agreed they would build Banks a useful synthesiser for £50. The EMS VCS 1 is the result of that venture into designing and building a useful and portable electronic music synthesiser.
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Me need new musicthing post.
This blog is SO DEAD. Not even a funeral or moment of silence, just death by neglect.

Goodbye, Music Thing, it was fun while it lasted. And a big middle finger for not announcing your own retirement.

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K Tom---take your time. whatever. Yeah it hurts if you don't post anymore cuz we're all addicts because your blog WAS THAT GOOD! if you have a life I can't hate you you for having to pursue it! Hope everything is awesome for you, babe.
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