Whitney Houston's old music gear up for sale (don't all rush)

Greg writes to point me in the direction of Whitney Houston's entire stage setup, being auctioned in New Jersey next Monday, presumably as a result of her crack-related tax complications because she hasn't paid the storage bills. There are many low-rent delights, including loads and loads of old Roland controller keyboards, a nice-looking flighcased Hammond, numerous Bobby Brown music awards (many for cassette tape sales). Elsewhere in the catalogue you may find: "1 Aroma Steam Personal Sauna, in two flight cases", "'Whitney's Throne' Chair", a Lucite Grand Piano with no legs, a Sharp microwave in a flight case, and really a lot of old Akai samplers.

say no to crack!
Is she desperate enough that I have a chance now?
yo de link don't be working yo
OOOh, a JD800!!!

But don't anyone think about taking that forklift. Shits be mine!
The Acrylic Piano is sweet.
Cocaine is a Hell Of a Drug!
My god, there's a unicorn-shaped crack pipe in a flight case.
If only that gear came with crackhead prices...

$3.50 for a V-Drum kit, $5 for a B3, $.50 for a roland midi key, and every purchase of $5 or more comes with a free bj from Whitney... holla!
What on earth!? -
"catalog (PDF)"
I have never much cared for Whitney Houston or Bobby Brown's music, but seeing this makes me sad.

Sure, you can sell off beat-up old samplers and controllers all you want, but seeing music awards and other personal belongings in the lot sends a bit of a shiver up my spine.

Maybe if they had made music that stimulates the imagination rather than by-the-numbers pop, they wouldn't have needed to get high using drugs.
people can be really nasty..

i never liked whitney's music, but i try to remember that this is a living person we are watching.

few see that there's not a hell of a lot of funny aspects about a person sending herself to her own grave. slowly.

ah well, guess there's a reason why the yellow press flourishes.
...i loved her...n i love her...n forever i ll...her music does inspire me...i wish things could be better for her...i wish.. she ll soon get herself together again...
things happen...
n We all need someone to be there for us in our darkest hour...

...Whitney...i m prayin for U...i wont give up on u...u r special...u ve always been special...

DONT GIVE UP...try hard..u can overcome this...

ur fan; Menelas
Sm1 sed 'there's no bigger fool than the person who will never LEARN frm other ppl's mistakes' well, I was to join the large/huge no. of 'life lovers' who've done drugs jus outta curiosity bwat cn ma lovely Whitney go down lak dis... I aint takin none of da shit. No wonder I'll 4eva luv ya Baby gal. Musically, ur ma inpiration n in real life ur pictures (the scary ones of course) are a SURE WARNING 2 me plus all those others who were 2 join in drugz squad. Like dey say in Wrestling, 'cheer them, applaud them, love dem but PALEEEZ DON TRY DIS @ HOME! I sed dat wit lots of LOV 4 ma gal Whitney! U'll always hav room in ma heart. Pendanese, Nrb, Kenya.
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