What sucks? You say Esteban guitars & Blue Man Group

I'm too late, as usual, for any Review of the Year celebrations. I was looking through my web statistics, searching for meaning, and I discovered that many readers come to this site angry. Click the little picture for the full list of sucky things that people came to Music Thing looking for. Interestingly, the 'Rules' list is shorter but more poetic.

If it makes Esteban and the Blue boys feel better they also said Stanley Jordan sucks, and that's demonstrably false.

Esteban does suck though. BMG is off the hook for introducing me to Venus Hum if nothing else.
I guess that I'm one of the few who doesn't ever come here angry, just in search of something new and cool. Behringer did do me wrong tho, by ripping off the look of the Big Muff & Small Stone, and ripping off the look of the Boss pedals too. And to be honest, I tried some of the Behringer pedals the other day .. and they were horrible. That's what you get for putting out cheap imitations of other peoples products.
Anyone who says something sucks more than likely sucks themselves.. Er.
No, that's what you get for buying cheap imitations of other people's pedals.
People who are searching for things they don't like suck.
"Anyone who says something sucks more than likely sucks themselves..."

Nice trick if you can pull it off..
Rules of being a guitar God:
Number 1: Shred at any given opportunity. Laugh at mere mortals who do not posses such seraphic shredding skills.
I'm not wild about the blue men, but what on earth did they possibly do to make one type BM Group sucks in a search engine?
I'm not wild about the blue men, but what on earth did they possibly do to make one type BM Group sucks in a search engine?
I like the word "seraphic."
I like buying Bheringer rack stuff. It looks great next to the Weiss and Eventide stuff.

Those expensive boxes really can't duplicate the Bheringer sound either :)
i dont see whats wrong with immitaton pedals. why $150 for a reverb pedal that beringer makes for $25?
i first came to Music Thing a few years ago looking for just info on esteban and discovered a music site like no other on the net that i have loyally come to in all sorts of moods every day when possible. at the time i discovered a new respect for the hard working esteban allthough i do think his PR is silly. occaisionally i still re-read that article and find the same admiration for his commitment and work ethic i did back then. i mean he really did go through a lot of adversity considering i do, in fact, think that he sucks. Music thing: Best site evaaaar!
I'm mixed about Behringer. I put a Behringer cabinet with 4 10" speakers with my Ampeg head and blew it in 2 months (and I wasn't cranking it). Luckily, I'd spent the extra $20 on an extended warranty and got my money back.

However, I have a Behringer practice amp that I like a lot. It sounds good and is sturdy.

I'll be buying the rest of my equipment at www.chewurmusic.com.
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