Send in videos of yourself playing live!

I recently received this extraordinary but somehow wonderful video of MT readers Badloader playing a gig at Colchester Arts Centre. If you like men in catsuits and codpieces playing synth pop, you'll probably enjoy it tremendously. My own YouTube performance has been limited, but I'm sure you must have done better. Post your own YouTube live gig links in the comments, and I'll collect the best for a superpost in a few days, when we've got over all the NAMM excitement.


I'm playing the Polymoog on the other side of the stage.

werle & stankowski - cologne:

werle & stankowski - my mask:

i'm werle, the guy on the mpc :)
Not quite synth pop with cod-pieces...But synth laden non-the-less.

not youtube.....and short...but hey, it's live! :)

jan nemecek
Short clip of my band Los Desnudos playing in our hometown, LA. I'm the dork on the left standing behind the Rhodes:
Here's a couple of mine.
I don't know if these qualify as "gigs", but they are live performances. Mainly House/electro kind of stuff.
HarriL - A Stellar Dream (Live)
HarriL - Wildfly (Live)
HarriL - GaiaDisco (Live)
HarriL - Quitesweet (Live)
HarriL - Global Illumination (Live)
HarriL - Kepseli (Live)
HarriL - Kiiltopiste (Live)
A little Cigar Box Guitar goodness!

playing as my band The Slop at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, New York.

On the right, playing DotCom modular with Joy Electric at the Autobahn festival.

That's me on the bullshit mic that's made out of plastic, the Marshall mini amp, IRiver Mp3 player and LEEM mini mixer. Live in my bedroom.

Sorry no synths. I'm on Bass. Extra points for anyone who can recognize what kind of green electric guitar is being played. Shot at a venue called the Gig in Los Angeles.
Oh wait there is no green guitar in this one...
Solo-performance, accordion vs. MAX/MSP :) Lo-res version, if anyone`s interested, I can upload a bigger file later.

sh101 and ms2000


The Emotron...not me but i've played a gig with him before. I was at the show in the video too, you would totally recognize me if you knew what i looked like.
The Sweetheart Contract


Only Stupid People Love You

Aspects Of Physics
hi def videos and mp3s:


well, most are of me playing in the basement, but all are live, no overdubs, no multitrack and no sound engineer/mixer except for jammin java and caribou coffee gigs.
The band I played with in PA (since relocated to Jacksonville, FL) - The Mike Smith Band, "Gonna Get It".

My wife walked around randomly with a camera while we went through the song twice. Recorded the audio on a Fostex MR8 with an AT stereo condensor mic. Picked the live audio take I liked best, did my best to mix the video from the two takes on top of it. Not at all a bad representation of who we were and what we were doing...

Me on bass, btw.

Arg, and duh:
the 0verclock 0rchestra
Here's The Touch on stage. Including strip tease.
STARPAUSE playing lsdj on a gameboy, opening night of BLIPFESTIVAL:

Full video :
None of these even com close to that badloader thing. They are all sooo boringgg I wanna see badloader Live!
Here is mine
Ableton live, JX3P,707,Jupiter 4

my synthpunk band with our old singer.

micrkorg abuse.

ops XD

...there you´ve got my band with good video-quality and good sound with all the good olde synthesizers played live!
Just recorded this new tweaky beat:
HarriL - Ghetto Expander (Live)
Here's a few of mine:

acid techno live-pa on public transit:

acid techno live-pa at a rave:

live-pa in a planetarium:

same one as above, 40 minute version:
a week ago with rap legend
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