Old upright piano gets a $3,000 pimp makeover

Proximasolaris, who claims to be a 41 year-old living in France, spent 250 hours on this incredible piano casemod - installing the guts of a $2,300 Korg Triton Extreme, $300 of motors, $500 of assorted mechanics and blue LEDs. Or you could just burn one. (via Chip Collection)

Holy cow that's garish. Also the blue LEDs reflected in the glossy brown finish are eye-hurty, and also look very fake (it probably is just eye-hurty in person since cameras have a hard time capturing blue light and an even harder time with blue-on-brown).
To add to fluffy's remarks, it takes way too long to lift up and makes a lot of noise doing so.
Obviously has more money than sense...
Kwazzzzzy!!! : )

Watching it open up really brought a smile to my face. As kwaaaaazzzzy as it is, it would be fun playing that with the lights down.
Pretty much says it all that he went to all the trouble of waiting for it to opem, then just closed it again. A musical instrument? ...er... play it?
You can't buy taste,,,
Proves that the French still love expensive cheese.
what's really great is the miniature band of caveman chicks that get naked and do backup! hell yeah!
nicely summed up with the word


kill him now..
I find the random hand comming in from the side hilarious. All that time and effort spent on getting it to open automatically and then a mystical-magical hand is needed to open the key cover manually.
They should feature this in LowRider Musician.
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