NAMM: Roland's new stuff

The new Roland gear is up on their site...
VG-99 Guitar System This looks like the mother of all guitar modellers - like the old VG-8, it runs from a hex pickup, has a tonne of guitar and amp models, and a MIDI out port. I'm not sure how you use the ribbon controller while playing guitar, but, you know, it's cool to have.
MV-8800 'Production Studio' Their big daddy MPC4000 killer, with built-in TR808/909 Space Echo models, a colour screen and an output for a monitor, it's almost like... using a PC.
V-Synth GT A colour screen, a few more knobs, and a completely baffling parade of made up buzzwords - "revolutionary Articulative Phrase Synthesis technology"?

I was expecting much more of the mv-8800. Seems like a mv-8000 with more presets and a color screen. Same number of everything in the specs as far as i can see. Only one multi effects, just 2 midi outputs and even the same optional output expander.

I was expecting to see something like a cross between a more powerful mv-8000 and a hard disk recorder.

V-synth GT seems nice but where's the memory card slot ? I don't know how the card slot was used for loading/saving samples on the first v-synth but it seemed like a logical thing to keep.

Now if you want to swap samples it's gonna be some usb messings with a computer. Hope the computer sees the synth just like any other mass storage device. I'm always afraid of special software that goes with synths. I fear the software won't work that well with computers in 5-6 years and turn an expensive synth into a paperweight...

I hoped Roland would update the hard disk recorders. Their flagship vs-2480 hasn't seen an update since 2001...
Any thoughts on the MR-1 or MR-1000 1bit recorders?
They look pretty tasty, prices prease!!
the vg99 looks hot, like, wow, it is exactly what i've been looking for. only issue being im sure its going to cost atleast $800 without the damn pickup you need for it...
VG-99 could be just the thing to replace my big old (but great) VG-8. At last a VG unit that does MIDI as well! I bet it won't take a GK-3B bass pickup input. There'll probably be a VG-99B for that unfortunately. Also, I bet it won't be cheap, being Roland.
I checked out the VG-99 today at NAMM. Info here:

Great unit, great features, but I still doubt that there is a market for guitar boxes from Roland that cost more than $999.

Unlike specific beat boxes, synths, etc. it's very hard to point to a guitar synthesizer as being key to anyone's career, with the lone exception of Pat Metheny, and he still plays the 25 year old GR-300.

Nevertheless, I admire Roland's perseverance in the guitar synth field.
I'd like a V-Synth GT...
Actually - the VG-99 is suppoped to take the GK3 bass pickup also. It replaces the VG-88 and V-bass.

It's priced at either $1399 or $1499, I don't recall which.

It not only has a touchstrip, but also a D-beam.

I've ordered mine already (not shipping till may or later)
Well, if it does take a GK bass input it'll be great. Did you hear that from Roland? There are some bass and bass amp models in the 99, so maybe it's true.
Oh man, I only hope that's true about the 99 replacing the V-Bass. I've been scouring all over for that info, and I know full well that that is what I WANT to hear, I only hope that is indeed what I WILL hear. I've wanted the V-Bass ever since it first came out, but couldn't ever afford it because I was always spending my money on the guitar boxes like the VG-88. I want, I WANT this to be the be-all end-all of all Roland guitar boxes!!! Then (and only then) will I put down my cash. It's GOTTA take bass, that's all.
I can't see how the VG-99 is a dual bass/guitar unit. It may well take a VG bass pup but nearly everything on it is optimised for guitar.
I'm definitely excited about the VG-99 and already ordered mine. I play Roland GRs and VGs now, and I'm looking forward to it, and to clearing up some floor space. So maybe this Winter you'll see a good deal or two on eBay on my old gear... if I can bear to part with it. Anyway, I'm eagerly reading the user manual, because an early draft is available at the Roland site.
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