NAMM: New drum machine from Dave Smith & Roger Linn

At the moment it's just a render on a poster on the Dave Smith Instruments stand at NAMM, but this could be the new drum machine from Dave Smith (of Sequential Circuits, man behind the Prophet 5, Pro-One and Evolver range) and Roger Linn (of the Linn drum machine and Akai MPC range). It's a new analogue/digital drum machine, obviously inspired by the Evolver, but with the 4x4 pads of the MPC range. No details, and a chance the whole thing is a hoax, but it's wonderful to see such a cool boutique thing being talked about all over the forums, with the most sensible analysis at the MPC forums: "Cant they just make it a black case? Whats with the gay 80's rocker pants design?" Quite.

Linn, at least, is kind of a 80s rocker pants type character... So the crap design makes sense.
Dave Bryce, a rep for David Smith and forum moderator, has confirmed this is no hoax. He said it'll be a drum machine, not an MPC-type unit.
Dave Bryce, a rep for David Smith and forum moderator, has confirmed this is no hoax. He said it'll be a drum machine, not an MPC-type unit.
ok i don't mind when gear looks like it was made by a robot or it's from the future but dammm.....!
it's just ugly!

prediction time!

100 or so people will buy one and the company will close.
in the year 2039, it will sell for billions of dollars on future eBay after some musical pioneer finds one in a pawn shop for less than 50 bucks and creates a new musical genre with it.
Sick... sick... sick..... I want one!
Looks like an ASR-X with a few extra knobs.
first of all, drum machines ARE 80's! second, it's purple in honor of prince, duh!
is this the first bit of hardware to look like a SynthEdit creation? Cool.
It looks better now than it will after Kanye West gets ahold of it and has it customized to look like a woman's handbag.
Same ugliness didn't work well for Technosaurus.

But this is a drum machine and surely will be eaten up by all kinds of talentless hacks anyways.
Dude said "If you chumps get so thrown by ugly stuff then why don't you sell me your ugly gear for real cheap. Starting with your crap 80's designed 808. Followed by the beige vomit 909."

808 = Hottness - rainbow keys, cool buttons etc
909 = Hottness - cool buttons, built like an old IBM pc

Linn 9000 = WTF! It's got a pink logo. (Sounds way better than a 909, though)
Linn LM1 = How can something that's basically black with wooden end panels STILL look so ugly?
Adrenalinn = I'm sorry, did you design that yourself? Using one of those business card printers your find at the railway station?
Not only is it ugly, but if they are going to make ugly, why can't they make ergonomic ugly?

Can we at least have a high contrast panel, so we don't go blind if we use one of these in a dark club setting?
Not only is it ugly, it's a concept rendering which might or might not fully resemble the finished unit.
Why does it have to be "GAY 80's rocker pants"...what is "GAY" about them? Weren't most the spandex szuba's that your referring too worn by Blatantly STRAIGHT Cock rockers from the late 80s? (Example, David lee Roth, or all of White snake)

As a gay reader, whose probably got more fashion sense than most of your straight readers...I never would have been caught dead in anything Roth or other cockrockers wore...unless it was Halloween...I’d like to ask that you refrain from characterizing things as GAY to commutate the negative. This just perpetuates an ignorant stereotype.

What are we...15 year olds? "That’s gay, your gay...this is so gay."

I love Music thing and I’ve never complained once before and I’ve been reading you for the past two years consistently.
haha looks like a few of you are more interested in how you look playing the thing than HOW IT SOUNDS!?!?!

i keep forgetting how "cool" audio gear is.....
To the upset anonymous gay guy:

Although I didn't make the "gay" comment, you have my sincerest apologies.

As a straight man, when my gay friends say "That is SO gay!" in a dorogitory way such as it is being used on Music Thing, do I get to be all sanctimonious and accuse them of being "homophobes"? I am pretty sure my gay friends are homophobes, because I sometimes hear them refer to each other "f-ggots". It appears that my so-called 'friends' would believe that the offensiveness of a word depends on its context. But we all know it is a slippery slope from nuanced use of an ambiguous slang term to hate, and that there can be zero tolerance about this sort of thing.

Please enlighten me on the proper protocal, as I am a little unclear on etiquette of self righteous indignation.
i like the design of the DSI stuff, at least it doesnt look like another SILVER plastic rave cumrag from m-audio or alesis/digidesign etc
I can do without the crinkly pattern, and the name. "Boomchik" .. ungainly word. bleh. Give it a proper name like QX-926.

That said, the black-blue-and-wood look reminds me very much of one of the greatest drum machines of all time -- the Oberheim DMX. That can't be all bad.
^Exactly! The DMX came to mind immediately. I hope that it eventually it has a MIDI sequencer like the Miami Vice colored Linn 9000 instead of just being a drum machine, however.

But hey, you can put the "boom chik" next to your "Litte Phatty" and have the most embarrassingly named studio gear ev-ar. Now we just need the "wokka wokka" auto-wah!
that is a work of art. it's classy and beautiful.
If its sounds right , its right, damn brits again!
Damn! It kinda looks like an escaped zebra got run over by a pack of trucks delivering Mpc's, Ikea end-tables, and Gentian Violet.

Bet it sounds sweet though.
this whole post is very gay.
Straight people are entitled to their opinions about whether clothing items are gay. Deal with it. Were also entitled to free speech.

Juat to make it totally clear; the only way a straight man can wear these pants is if he is constantly getting laid by groupies. Its the law.

The side panels are cool but yes the rest is indeed gay 80s rocker pants. With all due respect to gays, the 80's, rockers, and pants. Just not for us.
Make it more like a Green Machine. Or even an Atari console colour scheme.

The gay guy needs to get over himself. Nobody cares. Its the new millenium. Those pants were gay. So is Ryan Seacrest.
If Wendy Whoppers gets one, we'll have a boomchik owned by a boob chick.

Lamest comment evar!
Tacky is a better word.

I think it's too big and therefore probably too pricey. I know they can make it smaller. But a velocity sensitive drum machine is BAD ASS! Not to be too 80s sounding.
you all are right.
this thing is far too ugly for any of you to buy.
so don't buy it.
(then maybe i can get one)
I always thought that Gay meant you enjoy sex with the same sex. I can't understand how pants, machines, or music is gay. I really hate that term as well out of context.

By the way, it is ugly, it's a machine, how it sounds and what it does is more important. Tell you what, send me one, and I can make it sound ugly nasty crazy psycho noisy, but why that would make you guys want to have sex with another guy, or the ladies to go Sapphic, hell, I'll never know.

By the way,I am hetero, and some of my good friends like to share their orgasms with people of the same sex, some are even in love with each other, and all I can think about them is how they treat me, and give them back the respect they give me. Anything less or more would be lame, idiotic, ignorant, weak, insipid, and tasteless.

See how many words there are to describe things. maybe it's time to actually make a point with words, and use our intellects, instead of degrading people who have nothing to do with the topic at hand except they don't fit within your narrow point of view of what is acceptable.

(And now it's time for ignorant namecalling and immature comments that will prove to me that human beings aren't even worth the garbage they are made of. Kind of why I prefer ugly plastic machines, as they don't judge, just help create.)
Rev, being gay doesn't have to do with sex itself any more than hetero marriages do.
There are gay couples who don't have sex at all.
You must have a very shallow view of the world.
"...and some of my good friends like to share their orgasms with people of the same sex." This is code for "I am a giant leaping queer fairy-frog, hopping from lilly pad to lilly pad."

Any one who throws a hissy fit about the use of the word "gay" in describing anything is gay.

And the machine does have "80's rocker pant" charm - which is kinda gay.
I don't know why gay people get so offended when straight people use the term gay to describe something. Its an adjective and not automatically negative in itself, but usually. The rocker pants community aren't all miffed about this, posting complaints, and acting all gay.

Save your speeches there reacharound.
dont worry, once you make it out of junior high school you will be able to come up with more words than "gay"
I hear the new slang for gay is "awaekened yeti".

Thanks for proving my point.

By the way a lot of people would think that anybody who uses electronic music and machines to make music are homosexually inclined. After all, we know that guitars and drums are instruments for men, women are allowed to play bass and keyboards, but no "real man" would be caught dead playing a drum machine or a synth. After all, people who program music, or who utilize synths aren't actually playing, and aren't really musicians. Isn't ignorant blind stereotyping FUN?

In fact look at what happened to William/Wendy Carlos. So maybe you macho mens men might want to step away from the electronic instruments, you never know, it might emasculate you symbolically or actually.

By the way if we go by the other meaning of the word gay, you all are saying these things make you happy, make you joyous. So maybe it's a closeted way to say you like it, but can't admit it, hmmm, homophobes in the closet, can we say self loathing?
Leave it to the internet to waste my time reading 15 comments about the proper and improper use of the word gay.

You're all retarded!

Now, commence the debate on the proper and improper use of the word retarded.
By the way, does anybody even have a clue how this thng works or is supposed to sound?

Does it make straight males want to be anally sodomized, if so, what a powerful machine, considering everyone thinks it's limp wristed.

By the way, should I use more racial epithets, and be more racist here? I mean, I like to look at gear, but I just don't know which racial or sexual group to express hate about when talking about drum machines.

Maybe I should assail people for their skin colors, or religous beliefs, I just don't know where or why it has a place in talking about circuits and plastic, guess I'm just ignorant.

Or maybe, I'm just not ignorant enough.
Here's the scoop...

It was designed first by the Masons but was built over someone else's design by the Zionists.
The Catholics tried to molest the idea, but were beheaded by the Muslims.
Later it was audited by the Scientologists and released as a gay drum machine.

Now you know.
Music Forum
y'all are crazy. it's not ugly. it has a high contrast display.

more importantly, what does it sound like?
I wouldn't put this thing in my studio.
Redesign it after the chunky button early 80's designed Linn Drum, C-64, or Sequentix P3, and people will be tearing down the factory trying to get one (starting with me).
Does it really matter about the looks? I would think performance is the real key.
wow, another sanctimonious gay activist tries to play the censor..

surprise, surprise, surprise

american by any chance ? You've got to be
awesome! I have no interest in music making gear (well, not that much) and you guys have been rabbiting on for so long that my mate sent me here to look at your rants. gay, retarded, special needs. all are gods creatures and you should love them all as you all squeeze into your tight 80s cock rock pants.
Am I the only one who is going to point out that this is extremely similar to the Korg Electribe R? Drum machine based on synthesis. Much cheaper, of course, (and not real analog) but those who are interested in the concept might want to look it up.
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