NAMM: Korg's R3 replacement MicroKorg is sexy!

Details are sketchy, but it looks like a cut down version of the radias with full sized keys and possibly nice Clavia-style knobs with little displays and LED rings. Also, 16 backlit buttons could be good for XOX drum programming. Seems unlikely to be as cheap as the old MicroKorg, but we'll find out soon. Gear Junkies got the scoop, but thier site is down. (via Chip Collection and everyone else)

Here is Korg's r3 page:
THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! The only reason I haven't gotten a MicroKorg is because of those tiny toy keys.
This is sexy? I am so confused.

I can't tell what's sexy anymore.

Again, I look at the keyboard, then my pants. Nope. Not sexy.

It comes complete with usb port too, so looks like the XioSynth i've just bought is out of action. Damn.

Oh and theyre releasing a stripped down smaller battery powered Kaoss Pad too. Just seen one site selling it for $199 which roughly equates to £125. Sounds good to me. Battery power too? like heaven!
sadly, the best looking kaoos pad ever is missing the point - there's no sampling at all. only the (newish) is very sexy (unlike r3 - i'll go for microkorg for sure)...
This is my favorite so far:

I may be biased since I'm in the market for a mixer/interface.

I suspect the cost to be over a thousand. But then again there is the 4 version.
This is hot. Revolutionary? Probably not, but hot? Yes- yes, Indeed.
One eye-catching feature is that Korg mapped the 16 LEDs around the Program Select knob to the output of a modulation sequencer. So as the sequencer cycles forward and back, the LEDs create a spinning circle.

It sounded great, too, playing through some 2.1 ADAM speakers.
do people think this is going to replace the microkorg? i wonder how many microkorgs have been sold since it came out...
New product?
I really think this R3 (can't we just call it a radius mk-crap) looks like some ugly 70's beast, i saw a post about the other new Korg stuff announced at NAMM, i am totally not impressed!
Ah it hurts! I just got a microkorg 2 months ago. The look and sounds from this baby are so awesome. It appears from the demo song Machine on that it also has beats. *puts R3 on xmas list*
I find it rather daft that people still complain about the tiny keys. If you don't like them, just control it with another keyboard! This R3 doesn't really look "me." I like the location of the vocoder and the look of it, but one thing I love about the microKORG is the big interface. It makes it a lot easier to edit.
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