NAMM: Fender vs Boss pedal mash-ups

I love the look of these vintage Fender amps modelled in Boss pedals. No idea how they sound (it would be a miracle if they get the spring reverb right) but they look ace...

I'm loving the blonde tolex on the bassman. See the giant image at:

They're a bit weird as a product proposition though: if they're modelling the amplification and speaker characteristics then you're just going to stomp over that when you drive an amp with 'em. Might sound cool, but it won't sound like a bassman.

On the other hand for recording the market is already saturated with modelling products. Would perhaps be nice if you could turn off the speaker emulation (making the reasonable assumption that there is speaker simulation)
Are these really just FX pedals?

I mean, We've seen micro-sized guitar amps before. Could these actually be a microamp, in a pedal? Not emulation, but an actual plug-it-in-and-go amp?

Guitar one side, speaker cab on the other..?
mine's bigger than yours!
Come on!

This is junk. How can you love this and hate on Behringer so much?

There is absolutely nothing new with this, except the tweed covering.

mash-up? its about as fresh as a Jive Bunny record.

I still love the site but just needed a quick rant.

Where's the deets on that Ableton / Torq midi controller already?
That's the beauty of the new Torq controller -- it makes freakish simulated Fender amps in cheap Boss pedals start to look *good*.

I never expected to be in an army of M-Audio haters for Tom. Tom, any marching orders for us? Like, can we march on the Irwindale, California headquarters, rip off some product prototypes, burn the plastic shells, and then return them in lovingly-crafted cases made of aluminum and polished wood?

Cross-branded crap. Wake me up when Boss hooks up with Vespa.
TWEED! Where's the TWEED??
I saw both the pedals being demo'ed at NAMM and I thought they sounded pretty good. They were running them into a JC120 and then A/B'ing them with the actual Fender they were modelling. It's a horrible environment to actual listen to gear, but the JC with the pedal sounded pretty close the real thing sitting next to it.
Thanks ;)
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