NAMM: Eventide Time Factor: Superhot delay stompbox

Can you imagine a more appealing and unexpected URL than Analog Industries get the scoop on this little $500 piece of cool. It's a delay pedal, aimed firmly at the legendary but aged Line6 DL4 delay modelling pedal, with vintage/tape/digital/filter/reverse echoes plus a looper and a sexy dot-matrix LED display and... it's an Eventide! There's also Mod Factor, which does various modulation/auto wah effects. The only downside? It seems to have some weird USB midi connection, which seems bizarre for a stompbox. Price (according to Chris) about $500.

The spec sheet says the USB port is for installing new versions of software that I guess you'll be able to download from the Eventide site. That's pretty cool in my book.

(keep up the good work on MT)
Looks like USB also in fact handles MIDI, receiving MIDI messages for control parameters and MIDI clock. Sounds good to me. And it takes an expression pedal input, so that and the stomp functions should carry you if you don't want to deal with a computer. The only thing USB seems not to do is audio, but that's okay.
Why are all these boxes with knobs photographed at exactly the same angle? Is it the law?
I have the Eventide H8000fw. It's freaking wild.

I can only imagine these pedals will be pretty wild too.

Eventide has some of the best digital distortion I've heard. Different from the line 6 stuff in many ways (which does much cool stuff too). But the Eventide sure has its own flavour.

Glad they're doing this. Their support is pretty good.
U know? Nord should have come out with a Nord Modular stompbox with the ablity to select from a really huge list of models from the web.

That would also be a killer product.
one thing to be said about the line 6 dl4, though, is its total and absolute simplicity. the thing is just so darn basic in its layout, you don't have to think about it at all. but this does look cool.
Pity those DL4 are so fragile.

I wonder if the two pedals are identical except for the firmware. Some hacker might be able to figure out how to load one with the others software like they did with those digitech pedals a while back.
there are regular midi ports on the side not shown in the photos. someone in the layout department must be saying "oops"
The MIDI connections are on the side of the box. The USB is for firmware updates and storing your user settings to your computer for safe keeping (and sharing over the net).

Maybe an additional effect algorithm or two is to be added in the future to bring in the second wave of buyers? One can only wonder...
Oh. You just said that.

anyway, here's pics:
what expression pedal works best with the time factor
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