NAMM: Arturia's fantastically hot hardware synth

I scoffed when I read rumours that Arturia, the French company which makes nice-sounding VST versions of classic synths, were about to announce a hardware box, but Origin is real and official. It looks likely to be a very pricey box - with a huge LCD screen and numerous outputs. Details are still rather hazy, but it seems to be a DSP box which runs versions of Arturia's Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, minimoog and Prophet VS emulations, apparently with the option to build modular synths using modules from those synths. Which would be very cool, and real competition for the Nord G2. The G2 forum are discussing the new box, voicing predictable concerns about whether Arturia can design an interface which is anything more than pretty looking...

Oh my!! want one!
Arturias interfaces are indeed terrible. But anything that gives Clavia a bit of competition might mean they improve their pretty lackluster support for the G2! I love my G2, it could just be so much more... This product looks much more appealing to the wider market though.
if that thing sounds like it looks I predict failure. What an ugly POS. Surely they could have done a better job of the tabletop mounting.Horrible wood sides and a curved lip with a gap under it?

I'm very sceptical.

Also, how much longer can "virtual analogue" continue. BORING!

How about some wild new digital synthesis methods with intuitive user interfaces?

Something like that would be exciting instead of the same old detuned sawtooths running through a resonant LPF.

As for the idea of taking 'moog oscillators' and running them through an 'CS-80 filter', sorry, those are arturia oscillators and an arturia filter.

oooh ooh!

just seen a real picture of i on Matrixsynth

looks better than the mock-up ;) ^ if you cant follow the above link
Anyone else reminded of the PPG Realizer???

Hopefully for Arturia, their hardware/software emulator will fare better...
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