How to play Windows XP alerts on the piano

I'm proud to say that I'm no longer the world's geekiest man. 'TheCanCollecter123' has taken my crown with this piano medley of Windows XP alerts. All the hits are here: 'Chime', 'MSN message received', 'AIM message received', 'GoogleTalk message received' and of course the immortal 'Tada'. It's a shame he hasn't done our old friends Intel Chimes, Windows 95, THX (try playing that on a piano) or Mac startup.

Would be funnier if he didn't chuckle at himself each time.
On a related note, check out Jim of Seattle's entry to the Song Fight entitled "Welcome To."
Sadly, he'll have to re-learn to play the piano for Windows Vista.
I think the chuckles are the most hilarious part. They're like voice work from the simpsons. Heehee.
Really awesome -_- and how much hours have you spent for that?
I liked the chuckles. They're innocent and fun.
"....ooh, tada!"

this is the funniest thing ive seen all year
Where's the Microsoft sound
or any of the other ones that are more than 4 tones...
oh my word.
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