Awesome Eighties DX-100 TV Advertisement

How great is this? (Thanks Jesse)




2 wheels and 2 sources of power. blimey, charlie...

also, i think you may have spelt 'advertisement' wrong in your headline...
so you need a helmet to play one of these?
Ha, they printed ads in comic books, too, with the same text. Pretty amazing. I sure wanted one. (But I got a CZ101 instead.)

That guy sure plays good for somebody wearing gloves that make his fingers larger than the actual keys.
What I want to know is, who is the skinny little nerdling under the helmet? No doubt he's wearing a striped polo shirt tucked into brown corduroy pants which are tucked into his long striped socks that are inside some Nike hi-tops.

Don't forget to grease back your hair before you have an awkward moment with one of your groupies! heheheh
ha! i remember this ad!
fuck i am old!

i wanted one but my parents got me an Amiga. sigh

i picked one up at a garage sale a few years back for $20. honestly,i wish i had my 20$ back.

tho i loved the tiny keys ;)
This advert makes me want to form Daft Punk.
Well, this certainly got *my* helmet all wet.
that's f'ing great.
Check this out for a low-budget alternative!

I have one of these and you can indeed do all of that. Though not all at the same time (read the small print.)

Auto-accomp forever!
....'The DX100 - Anything's Possible?'

Who says advertising is deception eh?
I don't think I've ever seen a synthesizer ad on TV before!
With the advent of the home studio, being able to record your music with great quality on a low budget, why don't synth manufacturers advertise to the main stream populace?

It's a rhetorical question since the internet is where most synth and music gear users shop.

But wouldn't it be cool to see Korg, Access, Yamaha make tv ads now... Imagine an Acess T1 advertised during the super bowl half time show ....oh my.
There are ads for music synth hardware on TV now...even during the superbowl halftime - Apple Computers (now Apple Inc).
i had one of these,it was utter rubbish,too much noise and certainly didn't make the sounds in the advert.
paid £20 and that was £20 too much.
One of my favorite synths.
Lest we forget, Jeff Mills created the lead synth line of anthem "The Bells" on a Yamaha Dx-100...
Yes..I think we should.
I just listened to that track..and its tedious typical horrid dance shite.
he could have got better sounds from Casio VL-1 IMHO
I had a DX-100. Couldn't confront the 2 manuals that came with. It was neat for a little while.
wow. that commercial IS the 80's. amazing. back in '85 or whenever it was, i was one of those kids duped into buying the yamaha home studio package, which included the dx-100, along with the mt1x 4-track the rx-17 drum machine and the rx-21 sequencer.

i still have nightmares about those awful tinny yamaha sounds, that terrible swish-swish aliasing on all those 4-operator fm bass patches. the only part of that whole package i ever got even 10 minutes worth of use out of was the mt1x, which was actually a very good cassette 4-track. let's not even get started on the rx-17, though. there's a reason they never made a commercial for that thing.
a DX100 is great for techno...
Thank goodness Juan Atkins and Derrick May bought this synth back in the day.
i wish there was a MUSIC THING TV show for the internet.
i have a dx100
i think its ace
it can make many cool sounds
ive played a couple of gigs with only the dx100 (+mmt8)
i cant see why people wouldnt like it
except the keys are crap (not velocity sensetive)
im the kind of person who thinks 'the bells' is a great piece of music
The commercial was pretty entertaining. It's hard to believe we all thought we were seeing the future in ad's like this.
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