1328 British people vote to ban snares

This seems a bit unfair to drummers. (Thanks Danny)

maybe you lost your glasses during the new year parties... (perhaps they want to ban g-strings too 8-))
Snares no, crash cymbals yes
while we are at it, how about banning more than two toms on any one drum kit?
how about 5 string basses? Surely an affront to all that's good and decent in this world?
...gosh, I had to look at the page several times before I realized that "Snares are thin wire garrottes commonly used by gamekeepers to catch the foxes that are naturally drawn to the artificially elevated numbers of game birds in shooting woods"
...oh, ok...
"These crude devices inflict terrible cruelty and suffering on any animals unlucky enough to be trapped in them."

It hardly seems like it would happen enough to justify banning snares outright, doesn't it? =)
And 1327 of them are named "Tom".

no one had the photoshop power to actually make this funny? I can totally see a beaver caught in a snare drum.
the reason:
I had a hamster trapped in my snare once, made a cute noise for a while running around inside, but when it died it made a terrible smell.
You totally got me. Good job on the humor.
Bring on the timbales...
Yeah i agree, ban the discusting tom-tom-drums instead and replace it with ye good olde woodblock. While you are at it you could also ban the Fairlight muohaha!!
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