Nels Cline has a fuzzbox, and he's going to use it

John writes: "Have you ever featured this page? Nels is now the guitar player in Wilco. Nice shot of his pedals, and a full description of what they do." Nels' commentary is great: "The 80s were a dark time for a young person looking to get that nasal fuzz sound... Everything was all creamy, soaring... Dare I say it, MIDI-controlled, pre-fab hell." Scroll down for the splendid 'Amp Du Jour' tour/tech diary.

Nels Cline = Awesomest guitarist I've ever seen! Also a really nice guy.
Nels is one of my favorite guitarists today in rock. Incredibly versatile. This was interesting as I've always noticed his huge amount of floorstomping material--and no one, I repeat no one, can play a wire whisk solo like Nels!
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