Music geek fun with Google Patents Search

Last week Google introduced their Patent Search site, which searches patents going back hundreds of years. What could be more fun? Here is Bob Moog's patent for the Moog 'ladder' Filter, filed in 1966 and granted in 1969. This seems to be John M Chowning's patent for FM synthesis, which earned $20m for Stanford when Yamaha licensed it for the DX7. Here is Leon Theremin's 1925 patent for the Theremin. Here is Leo Fender's pickup patent from 1944 (here is Les Paul's). Here is the Synthaxe, here is the Fender Jaguar Jazzmaster, from 1959. Here is a fantastically cool 'Electric Self-Playing Violin' from 1905, and here is Anacleto Montanelli's Electrical Musical Instrument from 1893. Here is the Rhodes piano from 1964... and so on. Anyone found anything cool?
UPDATE: Rather than randomly putting words into Google, Don Tillman has actually researched this stuff. Here are his surveys of patents from: Moog, ARP and Mellotron/Birotron.
UPDATE 2: Casionova claims to have found the patent for the Demo Button, although I'm sure they had them before 1986. He also found this super-awesome Casio electric harmonica ("a main body having a plurality of ducts").
UPDATE 3: Eddie has found this 'Electronic Percussion Musical Instrument' designed by Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk in 1975 (it's only an 'ornamental design' though).

pssssst! that' a jazzmaster :)
That Rhodes looks like a guitar.
Can you combine all those patents?
Raymond Scott's Clavivox?,M1

Didn't Moog design and build the theremin circuit?
Somewhat sad this one never made production:

The four sided guitar would have been a boon for the alternate tunings fanatic.

And Tom, I think this is the the pickup patent you're looking for:

Bob Moog certainly did design and build a theremin circuit, but he didn't invented THE theremin.
Self Sustaining Piano Designed by John Hayes Hammond, (No, Not THAT Hammond)
No Jim.. I meant the Theremin circuit for Raymond Scott's Clavivox! :)
Thanks for fixing the Rhodes link!
here is the "demo button".
I wish casio built their electronic harmonica !
Electronic percussion by Mr Hutter and Mr Schneider from Dusseldorf.
The original Ebow:,M1
Sorry, Tom, I thought Anon (you?) up there ^^^ was accusing Leon Theremin of not inventing the Theremin. Which would make him non-eponymous, like Houses of the Holy. I mis-parsed the sentence.

Meanwhile, talk of MIDI harmonicas got closet harpist me very excited. Sadly there appears only to have been one system made, and not by Casio: the Millioner 2000. Invented by this chap:

It consisted of a harp and a 3 DCO synth:

Meanwhile, here's a gratuitous shot of a chap playing an absurdly large electronic harmonica with lots of info on electronic harmonicas

The Missin page talks about prototype MIDI harmonicas but none seem to have made production...
Nice to see Ralf and Florian's old home addresses available. I might drive by Ralf's house when visiting my parents on christmas, it's only some miles away.
There should be a plaque, don't you think? =)
Here's a patent for a kazoo with tremolo
Um, that's a Wurlitzer EP, not a Rhodes...
I meant *Looks* like a wurlitzer
"houses of the holy" 's non-eponymous disposition confused me a bit in my teens. great reference!
Anyone a fan of analog tape delay?
Check out Mike Battle's 'Echoplex'.

vocals never sounded better running thru tape heads
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