Like Waynes' World, but with synth geeks

Here is a video showing the good folk of Gearwire comparing an Roland SH-101 (cheap, plastic, classic collectable) with a Roland SH-201 (cheap, plastic, plain ugly). The good folk of EM411 have been having some fun with memorable phrases from the clip like: "And then you have yer pulsewidth.. it's.. how many times it.. goes back and forth" and "All this other stuff is affecting the signal to make this the same." More rockin' Gearwire action here and here. (Thanks Steve, and astroid)

This is so FRUSTRATING!!!
by frustrating you mean hilarious?
If by "hilarious" you mean "frustrating", then yes, that's exactly what I mean. :)
Too funny Tom! I didn't make the Wayne's World connection until you called it out. I knew there was something the videos reminded me of. "Not that there's anything wrong with that." : )
The 101 is awesome.

The 201....ehhhhh......
Wayne's World was a fictitious work of comedy. This is a factual work of tragedy.

There's no way a sober person could sit through to the end.
I still like the SH-201. Hey, the thing is fun to play. And it's not so ugly that my girlfriend has kicked it out of my living room studio. Little known fact, however: I am myself cheap and made of plastic.
Oh god...
I couldn't watch anymore after "Well, it's not really a low pass filter...well, it's more like, more like a, um, band pass has a cutoff" "Well, low-pass filters have a cutoff too"
Kill me now
am i the first person to realize that it was less like a shootout and more like a gang bang?
...a couple dudes pushing keys....couple dudes twiddling some knobs.

...but they were right about one thing - the d-beam is lame. sorry. and they put it on everything. its just gaudy.
Beavis and Butthead do synths!!
fucking idiots - the 101 is such a simple synth.
Amazing how they make a really simple and powerful synth sound like a Stylophone, oh dear!!!!!!
I reckon these guys are guitarists, or drummers, they're clueless.
Asmo: god help us if they're drummers or guitarists.

"Is this a ride cymbal?"

"Kinda, well, no, it's a crash because it doesn't have a foot pedal."

"And these are your pickups, they kinda make the strings sound more, well more like what you're hearing."
BTW, since I saw the SH-101 advertised in the early 80s, I've always wondered what it could sound like.

And now I ... still do. :)
I own a red 101 .. it's really a monster, and lots of fun ..

It's great for deep bass and weird sounds.
On the one hand you have a piece of gear that is what it is and on the other you've got something that appears "stuck in the middle".

The 201 reminds me of vinyl emulator DJ setups like Serato and Final Scratch.

Stop pretending. Stop clinging to the past.

Let go of all that baggage and give us something that we, quite frankly, can't totally get our heads around or haven't already seen before.

Of course Moogs still sound incredible. They would have done better compairing this 201 with a current analog like Little Fatty (or even with a $50 vst softsynth plugin for that matter) to shame Roland.
Do you know how I know your gay?
Im glad that you can pulswidth the filter. he-larious
I've actually seen these guys on youtube while searching for video clips opf certain synths. There's no way this "review" site is legitimate, there is no way manufacturers are actually giving them demo units to play with.

Whatever though, I guess they are having fun and that's cool. They could be doing much worse things... I didn't make it all the way through this either, by the way...
"It probably says in like, the manual, but I don't read manuals"

Oh really? I'm shocked.

Slightly OT:
Chris, I think Serrato and FinylScratch are useful as fuch. Ain't no "pretending" about it. DJs actually be using that stuff. Mixing with turntables is totally choice.
I usually enjoy watching videos of synths, but this was just painful. I think i'd rather watch an infomercial for some sort of blender or something.
yeah they're pretty guitarded. A video about the new fender princeton recording amp has them mentioning "ax" a thousand times. Yuck (and they don't realize that 5 watts is still too much amp to record in an apartment w/o neighbors complaining).

don't go hunting out their other videos.
this kind of thing promotes gear geekdom as a bad thing. now about those weird blenders...
the funniest bit for me, is that the mics sound better than the synths.
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