How to play music with barbed wire and chainsaws

Jon Rose is an Australian violinist/artist/composer who has done many cool things. here (QT link) is a clip of him playing barbed wire with a violin bow: "One aspect of the barbed wire fence that appeals to me is that it becomes very clear where the notes are - if you miss'em it's quite painful. Also the scale articulated by the barbs is extremely unorthodox and about as far as you can get from the equal tempered scale upon which most western music is played. But the tyranny of the equal tempered scale is not a subject upon which we should dwell in the middle of an Australian desert.".
And here he is conducting an orchestra made up of violinists, a drummer, a pianist and several chainsaw players. There's a lot more interesting stuff, including a MIDI bow being demonstrated on daytime TV, at this page. (Thanks Sam)

Ever heard of the Oud?
I live in a lumber community and there are guys here who can play melodies on their chainsaws - these poor fellows are just making noise.

Also, where are the guys playing crosscut saws with bows? That is some beautiful music.
peeblog- Oud? Oui. Pourquoi? (So?)

rendwich- "where are the guys playing crosscut saws with bows?"

I guess you didn't see the video of that at the link.
Lumberjacks playing melodies on chainsaws. Sounds cool--perhaps cite (or post) online video of such in the interest of equal time?
Is this conversation going to descend into which is better, electric or acoustic saws?
Is this conversation going to descend into which is better, electric or acoustic saws?
electric saws are fine as long as they are analog and have t00bs
ggconductor of the year!
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