Guy with no arms plays the guitar

Can't argue with this, can you? And here is the one-armed guy from Def Leppard explaining how he plays the drums (warning: blurry) Meanwhile, here is the endlessly clever Michel Gondry doing a foot-related trick with a Rubiks' cube.
UPDATE: It looks like the guitarist is Mark Goffeney, bassist & singer with Big Toe, who are - by all accounts - excellent. (thanks Rob)

The notes played at the end are particularly impressive.

The most striking thing about this for me is that not even one person stopped to check this guy out! C'mon, I'm a no armed guy playing guitar with my freakin' feet!

Has american apathy under bush really gone this far?

Also, I'd love it if 'balboa park' was named after 'rocky balboa'. That might even top electing the terminator as governor of california.
Amazing video! He REALLY wants to play. Then you have those types that come over and say, "I always wanted to play guitar, but never had time to take lessons...". That's when the no-armed guy needs to show up and soccer kick their ass into the path of an oncoming transit bus!

This is a cool blog with a very interesting mix of content!

Christ, I don't like Bush either, but don't you think it's a stretch to blame him for that? You lose credibility saying crap like that. Save it for the true stuff, like starting wars and eroding civil rights.
Wow. Absolutely amazing.
I've seen Tony Melendez before, and he's amazing. He flatpicks better than most guys I know with hands.

He's kind of a Jesus musician (okay, he's TOTALLY a Jesus musician), but its cool. He's really good. I only wish he had music samples up on his site.
tongue in cheek frank, I was only joking.

Seriously though, not one person stopped to see a no armed guy playing guitar with his feet. That's pretty remarkable.
Not one person? What about the person making the video?
Yeah, maybe there's a massive crowd behind the camera operator
I've seen that guy!!!
Don't forget the one handed bass master Bill Clements.

BTW-This is only one song of this no armed dude playing for probably the whole afternoon. You can't see who might be standing behind the camera watching or who may have kicked him some change at other times.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the guy playing left footed?

And upside down--if the high E string is closest to him?

In any case, he's a good player.
as a guitar player , i have had dreams where I lost my arms and played with my feet.

seeing this video really trips
me out!
Impressive!...but I just wondered how he gets his guitar in his gigbag and so forth? Anyone?
i could ask him this weekend if you want...
Awesome! That's Mark from Big Toe, he plays bass in that band. They're lots of fun. They were also on that "Star Tomorrow" show that NBC had going.
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