Dude builds guitar from Wacom tablet

Really nothing to add. It's an old but amazing video of Jon Cambeul's 'Speech Guitar' - basically a Wacom pad and a Max/MSP patch. Here is a nice shot of Jon busking at the Futuresonic festival in Manchester. (Thanks again to Steven, genius of Max geeking)

Y'know I hate to be one of those random naysayers of someone actually DOING something but I found this disappointing only because there's so much potential in a Wacom tablet as a musical instrument, for example there's 1,024 (!!!) levels of sensitivity in the pen so it could be ridiculously expressive. It is possible he's already using this ability, I just can't tell because like so many people re-purposing devices for musical control he's playing a boring ambient drone instead of an actual melody.

Basically it's just that with the accuracy and expressiveness possible with a Wacom tablet (look at what people have drawn with them!) I'd think you could play something that could hold people's attention, not the sound of a held chord ran through a couple pedals. But hey, still got my brain thinking about the possibilities, so thanks!
I'm in agreement with the first commentor. I actually own a wacom tablet, albeit a smaller and less sensitive (only 512 levels, oh noes) one, and there is software floating around that allows you to convert the input from wacom tablets into midi, for use with any synth or vst you happen to have laying around, and let me tell you, it is capable of MUCH more impressive noise-making that whatever this guy is doing. Quite fun to play around with, too. It doesnt even look like this guy is really controlling the noise he's making, but it is definitely possible. Props to the instrument itself though, its kinda cool looking.
Thanks for posting this video, Tom. Not to disagree with the other comments here, but it sounds quite nice to me! Can't quite tell what he's doing, necessarily ... but I'm a keyboardist, so I'd never put something into something I wore over my shoulder. That's just, like, unnatural. I mean, unless it's a keytar, of course. ;)

Anyway, I've covered some of the software options for pulling data from Wacom tablet:
Use Graphics Tablets for Music: New and Updated Software, Free Tablet Theremin

My preferred method is to use the Max wacom external so you maintain full data resolution. I have the low-end Wacom tablet, too, and it's quite sensitive. For music, anyway; I'm a mediocre illustrator!
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