December... Time for Moog new product speculation

Good old Amos - he's the Moog tech support guy (and robot builder and musician) who first mentioned the Little Phatty on a message board. Now, in this interview on an official Moog website, he says:
What’s the most frequently asked question you get from users? “What MoogerFoogers do I need to make my guitar sound like a synthesizer?”
And the answer is… The answer is not any of our current ones, exactly, but we are working on some surprises in that regard...
Is there anything you can tell us about Moog’s next product? I can say it will defy expectations. It will be the most daring and boundary-defying Moog product to date!

What do you think? Moog fuzzbox/filter/envelope follower? Moog hexaphonic fuzz pickup with six-way polyphonic analog filters? A fantastically complicated, expensive and company-bankrupting guitar effect system like the EMS Synthi Hi-Fli (more) or the Arp Avatar? Something completely different? Maybe we'll find out at NAMM in January. (Thanks for the tips, John, get well soon!) (Image from alt-mode)

Hmm, well 'boundary-defying' is a little suspicious innit? Isn't that what they said about them Groove products?

Let's hope they just keep it synthy. Anything in that realm is a good start.
An Arturia emulating Klangbox
Oh, *you*!
Whatever shall I do...
Well, let the speculation commence then, I suppose.
No more hints from me this time. :-)
A polyphonic theremin!
... and the next time I catch you rummaging through my dustbin I'll set the cats on you; see if I don't!
a bakelite sausage making machine that plays popcorn when you twist the handle and stamps each sausage with a moog logo.

it will be called the moog cumberland.
I heard from a good source, who knew Bob, that Moog were thinking about producing a new modular synth!
this will finally be a good excuse to spend 500$ on something i dont need
A set of shoes called the Moog Brogues, with CV pressure triggers/controllers in the soles for expressive live performances.
since all of the moogerfoogers take cv it seems like a logical step to make a 8 or 16 step moogerfooger sized sequencer. Another cool fooger would be a super short analog delay that would do flanging, chorus, faze and doubling, add an lfo and cv in for s+h and it would be insane.

Moog needs to finally offer something polyphonic, although the only thing "boundary defying" about that would probably be its inevitable staggeringly huge price. Assuming it's analog, and it had better be unless they want more flack than the flackiest flack-packing flackity flacker (got nuthin).
i'd love to see the bbd based "multi-effect" that the read above me mentioned. i'd also love to see a thru-zero flanger designed by moog. and a really good spring reverb [as there is a lack of good spring reverbs on the market right now]
What about a Sample and Hold box-- somewhere between a Pefftronics "Randomatic" and a Maestro "Sample and Hold"-- with CV and resonance control. That'd be great!
my vote goes to the Moog Brogues...
Little Phatty "Stage Edition".
Maybe some kind of synth pedal like a taurus or something? that would be nice :)
A Moog Rompler!ahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaa
A Moog track suit w/matching messenger bag.
I want an analogue pitch shitfer, none of this tracking digital stuff.
something along the lines of the korg x911 or the roland svc 355 pitch cv thingy
>> Little Phatty "Stage Edition".

Yes, add to that Little Phatty Schoolyard Yellow and Little Phatty Rack.
the cp-xxx (forget the model # and i'm lazy) control processor already has sample and hold. and you the most recent mf analog delay can, with the effects loop and/or the mf ring mod supplying lfo, do mostthe things wished for above in a multi-fx.

but you're not gonna get true phase or flange unless signals can actually pass on another in time, as tape was able to do. although i suppose a splitter + bbd chips with alternate setting might be able to do such a thing. so hmmm...never mind--that might be a great idea!

but my hunch is that we might see moog claim some of the market share now given over to eh's synth-ish pedals.
Salivated at MF's but haven't bought to date. If they do some sort of guitar-synthish thing which patches MF-style, I'm jumping in.
When I said pitch shitfer, I was obviously refering to a pitch shifter.

Ok,then its simple,it will be nice but partialy digital,not full analog like the other of the range!
Track Suit is done, so maybe the messenger bag is on the way...
Stage Edition Track Suit.
$500? try $5000 if moog ever makes another modular. seeing how they're back in fashion, that's a likely guess.
I think you will be seeing a Don Buchla designed guitar controller similar to the piano bar.
It'll be a General-MIDI retrofit kit for steam-powered church organs, so that the organists can layer agogo, gunshot and helicopter noises over their toccatas and fugues.
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remove the keyboard controller from a minimoog, add an extra input. The end.
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