Beat-making with Ali-G

Brandon writes: "I know you must get a lot of emails linking to "How to make beats on the MPC" videos, but as an American, after watching Making a club beat on the MPC4000 I finally realize that some people in the UK actually do talk like Ali G." Seems to come from an organisation called Creative Mindsuk, who have a half-finished website: "C.M also offer services ‘for hire’...Promotional Flyering/ leafleting, Brand representation (in person or via modelled photos),Street-bookings ... Once you are happy with the proposal & allocated provisions, you will be invoiced and hey presto… your good to go…"

Lordy..Poor white trash!
I very much want to hit him.
ha ha

is it one of the Kersal Massive?

' on the bus wiv mi day sayvaaaah..'

what a dick

He doesn't deserve to own an Akai...or any music-making device for that matter.
stop hate'n this dude is the shizzile...ya can tell cuz the way he'z, like, pointin' at hiz hiz beatz iz the phat-tist i've ev'a seen. dammmm, itz rowdy! like th' sickist rave should-b, one-two, check'it, uh.
"We don't all talk like the Queen you know" - AliG.
See, this is why I never liked Ali G as comedy. It's documentary realism, not humour.

Big up UK hip hop an'at

Spare me.

Nice of his dad to splash out on the Akai for him though.
That guy is DEFINITELY from Staines...

You'll all be wantin' to 'ave a laff at this bunch o' bellends too then like innit
Chavs can do better than that.
To paraphrase a line from Animal House, "Stupid, illiterate and untalented is no way to go through life boy"
utter crap
Geeeeeeeezzz. Laughed my teeth out when he started waving his hands at his own "beatz" like that...
well mates;)

bloke is Brit, and You must understand that cocaine is very popular in this country..:)))

but honestly, he is a miserable WANKER.....
if Americans know what it means....:)))
The Akai MPC4000. A replacement for talent.
This symbolizes everything wrong with music today.

What's the big deal, ooh I just paid thousands of dollars for the same crap you could get out of an 80's Casio keyboard.
On This week's Stars In Their Minds...

Bontempi Beats Boi... Rowdy!
I thought his beat was pretty good. I liked it when he added the reverb so "it sound like it was playin' in a massive rave an' that"
i like his beats.

lots of fun.
I can't believe these comments on this story. What about a bit of RESPECK for the man?
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