36 playable demos of vintage drum machines

Here's an old but wonderful link. Luke writes: "Hello! Look at this! It's cool! I just found this awesome web page full of virtual drum machines, thought you'd like to check it out." Alongside all the funky preset drum machines, Joseph Rivers' fantastic Keyboard Museum site is full of wonderful things. On that same page is a virtual Bee Gees Rhythm Machine, and here is a fantastic Flash explanation of how a vocoder works, complete with demos of different vocoders. Joseph, we salute you! (Thanks also to Viv and Ian and all the other people who've sent this in over the years...)

My wife just gave me the Bee Gees Rhythm Machine for my birthday - she thrifted it for $3! The online flash version sounds terrible... I think his BGRM is on the fritz.
I sent you this months ago.
Tsch. You people miss the third word of the post?
He admits it's an old site in the description's first sentence, so get over yourselves already.

Glad to see Rivers' site is back up - was down for a spell. It's probably saved me from ponying up for a handful of unneeded rhythm box purchases over the years. A great reference when you spy an overpriced EH Space Drum eBay auction, then reality-check yourself by actually going to listen to it over at AP.
Yeah, because listening to lo-fi Flash audio is the BEST way to hear what a drum machine sounds like. >_>

Seriously, you get all preachy about reading the post, did you not even read Gerald's post!?

"The online flash version sounds terrible... I think his BGRM is on the fritz."

God, some people just make me cringe...
geez you stole this off my blog ;) I posted this weeks ago.
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