When Minimoogs cost £375

Is there a word for the intense feelings of longing, sadness and discombobulation that I get when I look at this collection of old second-hand ads from Future Music, c. 1988? (via Dr Ben and Matrix)

I'm not sure what the word is, but I'm gathering it's the same feeling as when I see Mint-In-Box variants of my (used/abused)childhood toys going for hundreds of dollars online.
Yeah, and how about the MS20 for £50

Jeez louise... I remember spending $900 on a D-50 only a year after this... talk about a crappy investment. For $900 I could have had everything in this clipping and sold it all today for ten grand.

Meanwhile, D-50's go for, what? $150 or so? Doesn't matter anyway, I traded mine in towards a JD-800 in 1991.

(insert more fustrated ramblings here)
Aaah, the good old days.
aah thats around the same time i sold my mc202, tb303 and tr808 to raise some cash to go TOWARDS a new akai s1000. aaaarrgggh.
Well I hope I'll live to see the day when moog voyager, Macbeth M5, A6, Blah blah blah... for sale on ADS for such ridiculous price...again someday. Start saving some money now.....
using average personal income as a guide and one of the online calculators to extrapolate from 1988 to 2005, the equivalent value last year of £375 in 1988 is £853.49.

Of course this is definitely a good price at which to get a minimoog but hardly a jaw dropping bargain when you consider that one recently went on ebay for £1153.50

Besides, who knows what condition this 1988 advertised minimoog was in?

No, I would have to see it and test it for a few hours to see if I agree with Tom about it being a bargain ;-P

Seriously though, the equivalent price of the MS20? ---> £113.80!!!!

Now THAT's a bargain.
those days will never return, mainly because of US. we caused the problem in the first place by making all of that gear so expensive.

there are many tales of people giving away tb-303s - at least none of you did that (did you?).

nowadays, you can download plenty of free software that does things that none of those boards/boxes could do anyway.... and the cost of a decent mixing desk and multitrack back then would make your eyes water!

if you want future bargains, i reckon professional studio grade reel-to-reels are the only potential bargain around now. but hey, i'm not buying one of those.

cheer up! music technology is much better now, especially for the musician on a budget.

also, the £50 ms-20 is the bargain there! i might call him later.
It pains me in a way to quote a certain D. Henley, but he was right: "Don't look back, you can never look back." I love MusicThing and AH et al, but sometimes there's way too much lookin' in the rear-view mirror.

Sure, it's slightly sickening to think of how much money was spent on my M1 & (former) D-50, but that's peanuts compared to the pioneering souls who took out second mortgages for Fairlights & Synclaviers. Besides, if old, unwanted Moogs were still being kicked to the curb as they (kinda) were in '88 (let's not get TOO apocryphal), the current crop of new analog gear would most likely not be taking place.
Has anyone tried calling any of these numbers? According to my calculations, there's a 1 in 6756320004122345 chance they'll answer and still have their synth for sale, not know the value, and would possibly reduce the price after not selling for nearly 20 years. What do you have to lose??


IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!

I sold my Yamaha CS-01 for £30 years ago, and I don't regret it one little bit. It was crap. I saw one for sale for £200 the other day, which is madness; it may be analogue, but its still crap...
I think there are good bargains today for those that appreciate them. For example, I picked a Yamaha Tx7 from ebay for $35, a Kawai K1-M for about $40 and a Roland D-110 for about $50.

In my opinion, after 20 years these machines still are terrific synths.

Go grab them !!
I'm confused; Future Music came out in 1992... Still, intrigued by the theme I went and dug out Issue 22 from 1994 and scanned in a page of ads.


Spot any bargains?

this is horrendously painful to look at, but as someone else pointed out, you just have to look elsewhere in the synth world (i.e. non-analogue) to find real bargains. For example I picked up a K4r recently on ebay for $22... um... what real synth aside from maybe yamaha FB-01 costs $22:) On the other hand I totally blame ebay for driving up analogue prices-bigger market means stupider prices. ARgh.
...but the post by Chris is somewhat of a relief. Clearly there have been better and worse times for prices. However, only in 1991 could you see the post: Jupiter 4-will swap for roland D-10 plus 100 from me.... ha!
Whoops! 1994 (not 91)
I'd want the 50 pound MS 20!! That's still only 100 and something bucks Canadian
Chris above is right: Future Music wasn't around in 1988.
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