What's Dangermouse playing? Conclusive proof at last!

So, after this post (and this thread) most people were pretty much agreed that Dangermouse from Gnarls Barkley was playing a Yamaha SHS-10 keytar, but I couldn't really get my head around it. Now, thanks to an Anonymous watcher of MTV Germany, I can. Clever synth placement, Danger!

you're welcome

it was "MTV Presents Gnarls Barkley @ Replay 25th Anniversary".
i didn't saw the whole show but seems it was good.
for those with satllite there is a replay at Sa 02.12.2006, 12:00 on mtv germany.

aaahh... the yamaha sh-10, easily the best circuit bending target out there. sk-1's are cool and all but these give the most wonderful and surprising tones of anything i've done. anyone else bend one?
Hmm.. Bending an sh-10? Sounds like fun. Is it just me or does the fact that my college has a class called "Circuit Bending" make my school supremely awesome? (Hampshire college in Amherst btw.)
i don't know how awesome that is. i guess it was bound to happen and i'm all for the free spread of good info but i've spent hours and hours finding out how to do it on my own, suffering through setbacks and burned machines, watching the thrift stores slowly empty of good bending targets and ebay prices skyrocket. now anyone who can afford tuition can learn it and make the pickins even scarcer. sigh... not bitter tho. it was a wonderful process and brought me into a big huge world of synths and drum machines and a diy community that was there all along. i just hope it's not to hard out there for the new scrappers ready to breathe the sauter smoke and find the joys in the toys. and... ummm forget what i said about the yamaha...horrible machine. does nothing worth the effort to bend it. if you come across one send it to me and i'll destroy it for you. peace.
the truth,finally...
I couldn't sleep at night.
Not doubting the mob wisdom at all, but I think the confusion was caused by the fact that the one in the
original post had had its neck sawn up. That one is deffo SHS-10 intacta.
I don't think it did, Jim - I think the pic in the original post is exactly the same setup.
I am still kicking myself softly for giving away that *exact* model of red sh-10 sometime in the mid-90s... at the time all I knew was that it had tiny keys and the presets sucked. Shortly thereafter I realized that it was also a battery-powered MIDI controller... then I discovered circuit bending... and now of all the indignities, keytars are chic again! Oh well, live and learn... :-)
Is that an sp-1200 directly to the left of the sh-10?
yeh i think im more interested in the frilly cuffed shirt hes wearing - as in what the fuck is he fucking wearing?

arr matey, i be playin ye olde synth
he is dressed like austin powers
Cee-Lo was dressed like dr. evil ;)

Anonymous #3: A Korg Micro-Preset, I believe.

Stylinghead: I would wager that SHS-10's fetch the prices they do more for the lame ironic "keytar" factor than their bendability. And this too shall pass.

re: glitching: I absolutely adore the DIY aspect of the bending world, but home keyboard bending feels kinda played out at this stage. Newer glitchy pastures, perhaps? Case in point: the recent crop of cheap Alesis reverbs getting patch-pointed.
yep...that's a korg micro-preset he's actually playing. I have one and it's great...a highly under-rated synth.
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