What's Danger Mouse playing?

I went to see Gnarls Barkley in London at the weekend, and spent most of the gig wondering about the litte red keyboard that Danger Mouse had balanced on top of his Wurli. To my amazement, this thread at Vintage Synth Explorer has so far failed to find an answer (beyond 'maybe a USB QWERTY keyboard'). Any ideas? [Pic via khawarz]
UPDATE: We have a winner! (It's a Yamaha SHS-10 keytar!)

I think it's some sort of keyboardless MIDI controller like the Novation ReMOTE. That looks like a USB cable coming out the left and a rotary knob on the bottom right. It's not a Novation though, because that would have the jacks on the back, as would most sensible things...
Custom Doepfer Midi thing?
Having said that the cable looks to be wired as opposed to plugged in...
It's the fantastic Yamaha SHS-10. I'm looking at a grey one now and the shape and the position of the output all match. Picked one up for $8 last month at the Camberwell Market here in Melbourne. Mind you, it seems some of the buttons have been chewed off. Ewwww ....
I thought dangermouse dresses as a mouse.

Or is that a different mouse :p
Can I win anything here ?

J guess it's a Yamaha shs-10, but it looks like the neck has been cut off though.
I'm inclined to agree on the SHS-10. You can see on the top right of the synth (where the neck would be) that it looks chipped from cutting off the neck.
I worked this show a while ago, the loft where I do the video from is stage right above the stage. I checked out his setup. It is a shs-10.
It looks like its too short to be any of the Nord Synths . . the Yamaha SHS-10 might be a good guess, but I just question the shape of it, thats all.
I thought that Josh Klinghoffer (who's also been guitaring for Sparks recently) had been playing keys for Gnarls Berkley.
I sent him an email, I'll let you know when I find out.
another vote for an shs-10. The question then becomes: does he play the "last christmas I gave you my heart" demo song with it?
if he does I wonder if he goes ape shit with the pitchbend like I do,
I'm voting for the Yamaha SHS-10 because when I saw it no more than thirty feet from the stage in Austin in September, it still had the neck.
I'm gonna go with a Nord Micro-modular
from Clavia. http://www.clavia.se

I don't know much about them, but the distinct red colour, along with the curved edgesmakes me think thats what it is.


There's a guy in Atlanta named Smiley who builds custom midi controllers and sound devices out of everything from PS1 controllers to EZ Bake ovens. I know for a fact that Danja Mouse knows him, and has pieces of his gear (we're all from Atlanta, and it ain't that big) so it really could be anything.

taken @ mtv germany now ...
Awesome! That was my first ever keyboard and I loved it. Sold it when I broke a few keys on it but that was many years ago. Can't even remember what it sounds like.
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