Nintendo DS hacked into cool wireless MIDI controller

UPDATE: Here is the download.
This is what German hacker/student/musician Tob, who created the cool NitroTracker old-school tracker app for the DS has been working on: Software to turn put easy-to-use MIDI into the Nintendo DS using WiFi. Previously, you've had to use hardware. The DS obviously sucks as a keyboard, but is great as a little X-Y controller like a Kaoss Pad, and presumably there's no reason why he can't build a simple XOX drum programmer, a little Lemur clone, or even a virtual Monome. Tob is still developing the software - as you can see from the video, it's in a pretty early stage - but it will be released ASAP. And even if you don't have a DS, stick with this video long enough to hear the guy playing 'We Will Rock You' though the onboard sounds... (via the wonderful Robot Porn blog, which is currently building a MIDI Keytar. Thanks Philip)

Same approach, but between a Palm and a Mac (oh and it uses BT instead of Wi-fi):

No on-screen keyboard, but a bunch of trigger buttons, assignable knobs and a X-Y controller.
awesome! what else can a say?!
Its only a matter of time before someone hacks the new Nintendo WII controllers into Wireless MIDI gestural controller madness. They're pretty much glorified IR Remotes....
The Wii controllers don't have any IR capabilities.

They are using RF.
hehe, Tom, I told you there'd be "smoke on the water" in your shop, hehe ;)
Am I the only one who noticed that he plays "Smoke on the Water" wrong?

Otherwise, awsome :D
what's wrong with the smoke?
Yes he plays it wrong, it goes like this:
E - G - A - E - G - B - A
When it really should be:
E - G - A - E - G - A# - A

Might be for the lack of semitones in that environment, or hes just tonedeaf, dunno :P
simply awesome
It's neat how people are starting to use the DS as a viable music making instrument, from homebrew type stuff to official software like Daigasso! Band Brothers, Gunpey (a puzzle game that has a sequencer as an extra), and M-06, the acoustic guitar software.

Here's someone using Gunpey with a KAOSS pad (found via GameSetWatch:

PicoPico Machine into a KAOSS
DSMIDIWiFi is out!
I used the DS for some work on my latest two albums -- it's experimental electronic, broken-beat, ambient, pop style music so please spread it around on iTunes! Used mostly in this album and this album! -- Please support independent music!
To anynomous at 6:35:
Its already hacked
How so nice screen keyboard but a bunch of trigger buttons.
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