Guy is pretty good at playing his drum machine

Here is a clip of someone who calls himself "the Amazing David "Fingers" Haynes" drumming on an old and very battered Alesis HR-16B drum machine (triggering sounds from a Yamaha DTExpress). It's not quite this, but I love battered old plastic gear.

I must admit I fast forwarded a bit.
Bet his girlfriend really likes it.
I was about to be impressed for a second, and then I realized he wasnt playing the bassline.
The synch between the audio and video is horrible. There's no way to tell what he's doing. The sound is certainly nothing special, you can hear that level of drumming in garages across the USA.
everyone is a hater! geez.

great stuff.
i think that is extremely cool, the fills were complete and complex, fills between the bass, snare and toms were awesome and showed alot of independence between those drums too....bravo
I know how awesome it feels to play along (badly) with the drums in "Block Rockin' Beats" on the standard GM layout, so to do something like that must be orgasmic!
only someone who has never played drums and never played with a drum machine would think that wasn't impressive.
I actually think thats better than the Akai kid. If you're a drummer, you know the kind of finnesse it takes to pull of what he's doing on an acoustic kit. The Akai kid is just just playing some swung metal beat of some sort. Pales in comparison to this.

This is cool too:

Dude is running this device called a ZenDrum through a Muse Receptor, triggering sounds from Fxpansion's BFD. Very cool.
the real question is if you can rent him for a while :)
Heh, I like how he sets it up in a snare stand... Kinda like plugging in a barbie guitar to a half stack.

Cool clip... To quote Mike Nesmith, "Go magic fingers!"
its amazing that hes got an hr16 with the buttons still working properly
I am willing to bet those are some magical fingers with plenty of talent!
Just goes to show that you don't need expensive gear to rock, just lots of practice and creativity.
I really liked this one:
way cooler than akai man
What about the "this is rock and roll" guy playing the solo on the keyboard he's demonstrating? Anyone have that clip?
Here you go:

There's a better clip of an Asian guy playing "rock and roll", but this one's great too. Makes you want to run out and buy one of these baby's right away.
Thanks, but I was talking about the Asian guy - he was soloing for at least a minute. I'll keep looking.
he is very cold but he is not doing the bass.
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