Eight fantastic old-school hip hop videos

Arvind writes from Sweden: "In response to the posting named "Booooooom! When loudpeakers catch fire" I'd like to present to you a music video from the enthusiast sub-genre of high school girl hip hop dealing with the joy of oversized car audio systems: 1) L'Trimm - Cars that go boom. Plenty of speakermounting action, flattops and even a little easter egg for the geeks at 1:32 - might that be a TR-505?" Thanks Arvind, here are a few more bleached out, pastel coloured old-school delights:
2) Schooly D: I don't like Rock'n'Roll
3) Digital Underground: The Humpty Dance
4) UTFO: Wanna Rock
5) Whodini: Rock you Again
6) Steinski & Mass Media: We'll be Right Back
7) Ultramagnetic MCs: Traveling At The Speed Of Thought
8) Rock Steady Crew: Uprock. Got more? Put them in the comments.

Whodini-One Love
I bet those 808 kicks sound phat thru those hilarious lookin car systems!
I say 80ies hiphop?
The best?

okay, this is what a Gearjunk thinks:


Need I go on?
its 626 dude
Haha, I almost forgot about "Schooly D". That's some serious old school rap right there ...
What, no Man Parrish?
what? no Al B Sure! or Bobby Brown.. ok i know, thats pushing 90s, but they are already becoming cool again.

Al B Sure! "Nite and Day"
Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel"
the 626 kicks ass. the 505 couldn't have another machine on top it like that.
One of my favorite hip hop groups, 3rd Bass, with the video for Pop Goes the Weasel (featuring Henry Rollins!)


I pretty sure it's new but it still has that 80s vibe. Especially the visuals, they're hot.
Oh man, look at this...

Or this you may have seen. Watch out for the slow-mo
Wow, this entry brought back all kinds of memories of being glued to MuchMusic's RapCity as a kid:

Maestro Fresh Wes

Del tha Funkee Homosapien

Dream Warriors

Naughty by Nature

(Also Organized Rhyme! :) Can anyone find the video for Check the O.R.?)
"Coolin' in cali" by "the 7a3" http://youtube.com/watch?v=N5s2hkauKuI
check tha OR, ya like it so far? hahaha man, i don't think anyone south of the 49th ever heard that stuff.. maestro certainly never mad eit big stateside, at least in those days..

dream warriors were great.

not sure where this fits in but..

Yo, if anybody is looking to get some hip hop grillz you can all kinds of designs at www.ballersice.com.
Glad to see some New Jack Swing in here. Also the Dream Warriors. You guys aren't playing!

Check out Njs4ever.com -- we've got two events coming up where we're playing old school hip-hop and more so, New Jack Swing.

We've also got loads of old school hip-hop videos there, but ALSO don't forget to check http://www.disconnexions.com/ -- they aren't playing either!!! Trust.


- Andrew Knyte
I never seen so much cool hip hop jewelry. BallersIce.com got game.
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