Dude builds most awesome fuzzbox in the world ever

Will you just look at this! 15 knobs, 16 switches, five classic fuzz circuits (including Fuzz Face, Big Muff Pi, Colorsound Tonebender), wooden panels and FIVE VU METERS! It's a thing of hideous beauty built by Dano, aka Beavis Audio Research, and there are rough instructions to build your own here. Be sure to check out the rest of the Beavis Audio site, for loads more projects, including DIY tube amps and rackmounting $10 Danelectro 'Fab' pedals.

so nice you post it twice?
Wow, thanks for the words of encouragement. The fuzzLab was built to learn, not to build the world's best fuzz. In fact, it's the first effect box I ever built. Crazy? Sure it is. Couple of points. Why is a boost pathetic? Have you run a germanium treble boost into a fuzz face circuit before? It creates a totally different input impedance for the fuzz face. Two versions of the same fuzz box? Sure, why not. One is the classic Dallas fuzzface and the other is the Colorsound Tonebender which adds another boost stage. Unreliable? Hasn't had a problem since I built it. As for the clip, sorry that its not up to snuff for your discerning ear. As for the time and money spent, well that's my choice isn't it? I learned a great deal from this project. Would I do it again? Probably not, but it certainly was not a waste of time.

By the by, please feel free to post devices that *you* have created. If the bar is so high, I think we'd all like to know what we are up against.

Dano... Don't let the bastards grind you down.

I noticed myself that this was listed way back on your site... But you have to remember that this site is primarily for Synth players who just like lots of knobs and think all guitarists are knobs...

Personally, I dug the noisy cricket page... After drooling over some Z-vex Nano-head action for a year now, that's just gone to the top of my DIY list.

Anyway, it's alot easier to curse the darkness than light a candle. Keep your head up, your skin thick, and keep working on the tube cricket! (And if it helps, google their user name and you can see all the wonderful comments they've left for other folks and realize that they're just bell ends, it's not you personally.)

13 minutes and counting....
I dig the shit out of it Dano!
Of course, the irony of posting a comment on a blog to declare something pointless is quite delicious.
Beautiful work - I desperately need a ScreamerLab...
Rendwich has to be entirely DEAF! Ignore EVERYTHING Rendwich writes... off the top, if "volume boost" is a waste of time, why are the RC and AC Boost pedals so incredibly popular these days?
BTW, I TOTALLY dig some of the tones that you've got in that little box. It is too bad that you didn't play this through a tube amp though... I would have loved to hear your boost hit a preamp tube...

Coolest fuzz pedal I've ever seen, period. I'm even considering gutting my own pedals for something like this - and I love my pedals you see.
I can't get the samples on my primitive dial up home computer. But even if it didn't work, it is a damn beautiful piece of art.

I have ran into people who produce and engineer stuff that would strictly hate it because it is changing the proper sound of something (these are guys who run home studios, not real Pros). This one guy told me to never, ever, use effects on Drum Machines. The first time my mind started spinning, do effects cause drum machines to breakdown? Could it be some weird electrical or technical thing I don't know or understand? Why, I wondered. I finally asked him why, after pondering it for awhile. His response, "it doesn't sound good, it doesn't sound right."

No, it doesn't sound like an exact replication of a drum, it has so many different possibilities to sound like something else, and you can create polyrythmic noises that can create both rhythm and melodies, and so many things that aren't exact reproductions of the same old. But to his ears, it isn't what he is trying to reproduce. You see he is trying to replicate sounds, I am trying to create them.

So when I saw someone putting down that magnificent Fuzz, all I could think was, well, theres a guy who just can't appreciate something that doesn't fit into his scheme of things, me I feel that any innovation, or any new design, or anybody trying something different is expanding on what we have, and strange as it sounds, some people don't appreciate that. I don't understand why someone would come here and put someone down for creating something with love, and with the want for information and education.
The VU Meters are a nice touch.
Rock on Bro...
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