Drummer seeks SERIOUS band

Jim writes: "As the saying goes, 'I saw this and thought of you...' I was doing a SSL Dealer event in Sweden this week. Whilst idly looking over the "musician's board", I saw this. "Drummer seeks serious band". How serious do the others have to be?" Thanks Jim, and sorry for all those mean things I said about you...

Isn't it Terry Bozzio's kit?
Yeah, this is Terry Bozzio's kit and as such it is obviously built for solo performances and not for playing with a band.

I also doubt that all those awards on the wall belong to whoever posted the ad.
yeah, i wonder how much that kit would cost. more than a drummer not in a band could afford, likely.
Terry Bozzio can play in my band ANY TIME!!
Wow! That guy must have really long arms! (Or perhaps very long drumsticks.)
Drummer seeks band with very big van!!
that's just silly, the band would be better off getting a drum machine.
Terry Bozzio annoys me. How many kick drums do you need?
i dunno, how many drum machines do you own? ;)
He plays this kit with Fantomas, Mike Pattons crazy noise ensamble. I also just recently saw him play it with the Zappa plays Zappa tour. Somewhere on DW's website is a time lapse video of the setup process and Terry talking about the kit. All I know is I'd hate to be the drum tech for that monstrosity.....
"8x22 Woofer with Doobie Bars"

Heh, I've got the Van if you've got Doobie Bars. Get some "Ol' Black Water" "Rollin'".

I would be afraid to play with anyone who had a kit like that unless I had me one of the Charlie Hunter 8 string beasties. This is kind of the "Pikasso" of drum kits.

(And considering he is ripping off Bozio's Kit, but wants serious musicians, where does he stand on playing Zappa's "Why does it hurt when I pee?")
He plays this kit with Fantomas, Mike Pattons crazy noise ensamble.

Fantomas are definitely not 'noise'... >_>

Even Patton's "Maldoror" collab with Merzbow isn't actually all that noisy, surprisingly...

But 'crazy' is fair.
damn, i thought Dale Crover had a big drum kit... this shit is monstrous
the first thing that popped into my head when i saw this was "nick andopulous"
Sound man: "Sorry guys. The drummer took up all the channels on the system. I've sent out for another board and snake. Looks like you won't get a sound check tonight."

Singer: "That's it. I'm tired of his horse shit. I'm callin' Bill and tellin' him to send us a drummer who plays a four piece and keeps a steady beat."
naw fuck all that - just use like a stereo pair on the overhead and a pair on the floor

serves dude right for touring with that kind of rig
A drummer I respect once said to me, "If you can't do it with a kick, a snare, and a hi-hat, you can't do it."
Reminded me of a tour of Irish/German Angelo Kelly, see a bad quality video here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0jBRWUwfiQg
pretty big, too...
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