Christmas starts early, when Santa is rocking the Pro-5

Sabastian writes: "I was browsing through a Musician's Friend catalog, looking at cheesy christmas greeting cards. It's a lot of Santa jammin' on his tele and kittens playing violins but then I spotted Santa rocking out on a Prophet-5. He's also wearing a tie dyed shirt over a tie dyed background, it's pretty ridiculous." Wait, if you look closely at the picture, is that Santa's pink belly hanging out from under a cropped tie-dyed shirt? Festive. Anyway, if you're smoking meth right now, you can Buy a pack using my new affiliate link (the Music Thing shop is imminent, BTW - thanks for all your help).


dude you're selling packs of meth? the music thing store is going to be rad.
Can I just be the first to say "You're selling out to the man... Pretty soon you'll be pimping $99 Yamaha synths and Behringer Mixing Boards..."

I don't really mean it, or care, I just wanted to be the first it what is certain to be a flurry.
The background is Santa cacking himself psychedelically at how alien and futuristic the synthesiser sounds.
man, santa makes some insane farts

wonder what kind of chili does that to you?
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