UA's super-hot new microphone preamp

This is Universal Audio's new remote-controlled preamp. There's a half-rack box to leave somewhere discreet, while this exceptionally nice-looking remote sits on your desk, where you can stroke it. It's a stereo mic pre, plus a headphone amp (with reverb and eq for monitoring). Create Digital Music have the full details (or here is the official site). I'm sure it will sound fantastic. No price yet, but expect it to be somewhere between 'lots of monney' and 'a very great deal of money'. Perhaps you should just print out this hires image and stick it to your desk...

oh DCS, mine fingers long for theeee.
This is definitely in the category of "I don't care what it is, I just want one"
Looks like it is blatently labelled for M/S Recording tecnique. I'm guessing it has a built in M/S matrix?

The video demo says >$1000 :D
Sounds very nice & not that expensive for 2 UA preamps + Reverb + Headphone amp ...
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